Rachel Zoe: The Future’s So Bright

The future is looking bright for fashion stylist Rachel Zoe and her husband Roger Berman. The two were out Friday (May 27) with 2-month-old baby Skyler, in Beverly Hills – shopping for sunglasses.

The new mom and dad seemed relaxed and happy together as they shopped for shades and tried a few pairs on.

On her new role, the fashionista says: “Life is amazing, it’s perfect. It’s complete, I’m in love and I can’t see straight.”

Hmm…Perhaps her next stop should be at the eyeglass store!

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    She looks a lot older than her husband. He could pass for early 30’s but she looks more like 50. Maybe while she’s at the eyeglass store, she should check out granny bi-focals.

  2. Anonymous

    She would look so-o-o much better (healthier!) if she put on some weight and found a new hair stylist. Unless you are Cindy Crawford or Christy Brinkley, long hair isn’t the most flattering look once you hit the big 4-0!

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