Bethenny Frankel’s Memorable Memorial Day Weekend With Bryn

It looks like Bethenny Frankel is enjoying her Memorial Day weekend! The Skinnygirl took to Twitter to tell her fans all about the fun she and hubby Jason Hoppy are having with their beautiful daughter, Bryn, and even shared some news about her little one!

“We took bryn to a kiddie water park&shared her 1st popsicle. best start to memorial day!”

Bryn’s had a lot of “firsts” lately!

Not only did she recently celebrate her first birthday, drink out of a straw for the first time, and indulge in her first bagel (pumpernickel, if you were wondering), but she also took a huge step toward becoming a big girl — literally.

“Bryn took a step in Atlantic city!” tweeted the proud mama.

Hmm… First popsicle or first step? Wonder which one Bryn enjoyed more?!

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Interesting how it’s the non-stars or lesser known (&deserving!) celebrities who seem to use Twitter the most — when was the last time Angelina Jolie or Nicole Kidman tweeted about their latest bowel movement or moaned about the trials & tribulations of potty training?


^^ So true.^^


Funny. I think the A-Listers are too busy working and don’t need twitter to self-promote.


That’s what I was getting at.