Kim Kardashian: Dashing To Have Kids?

It was a dream come true for Kim Kardashian when she arrived home on May 18th. Her boyfriend of 6 months, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries, was waiting for in her bedroom on his knee with his proposal arranged on the ground in red rose petals: Will you marry me?

Shortly after news of their engagement broke, everyone began asking – when will the new pair start a family? The ecstatic reality star told People of having kids with her soon-to-be hubby: “Kris is just as close with his family as I am to mine. In the next year we want to maybe try to start a family.”

The NBA star proposed to his sweetheart with a $2 million, 20.5 carat diamond dazzler. Kim’s reaction? “I didn’t expect this at all. I was in such shock. I never thought it would happen at home, and I never thought now.”

Humphries shared his reasoning behind the enormous ring he got for his wife-to-be: “I just knew I wanted it to be big!”

So, the question is, when will the next ‘big’ news be?

Read more on the exclusive personal photos from Kim’s engagement party – and all the details of the emotional proposal, in People magazine, on newsstands now.

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  • Grace

    You mean she will have a baby next year because I’m sure she is already pregnant and intentionally trapped this kid by going off her birth control.

  • Anonymous

    Getting married after 6 months? There’s likely to be a rude awakening coming when they realize they don’t really know each other yet.

  • Tazina

    This plan of theirs to “play house” isn’t going to work. Expecting a person to only have sex with one woman or man for the next 50 or so years is ridiculous, especially someone in the entertainment industry like these two are. It will probably last long enough to give their children the gift of a broken home.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you obviously think marriage is only about sex, but I should not be so shocked. I can guess the type of person you are by your username.

      I think the Kardashians are utter trash and agree the marriage won’t last but nit because it’s impossible to stay monogamous. We are humans not animals we can control ourselves, at least some of us can.

  • Anonymous

    Khloe & Lamar got married after a month, & are still together so who knows lol.

  • Anonymous

    Come on….this is such bullshit! I would have so much to say but I’ll keep it to myself.

  • Anonymous

    This family is about who gets the biggest ring!?such a bullish**

  • P!nk

    This family is a bunch of gold diggers! I’m sure his mother is proud….NOT!

  • Elizabeth

    divorced by 2013

  • tanya

    why you all are so evil, i wish they will be happy, 6 months of relationship is long enough time to get married, it will be great if she really gets pregnant. i wish you the best kim.

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