Katie Holmes & Suri Kick Up Their Heels

Actress Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri, 5, wandered down to the beach together while attending a Memorial Day bash at a waterfront home in Malibu, California today (May 30).

The happy pair looked ready for a party, especially little Suri, who was sporting a pretty pink skirt. Unfortunately their footwear wasn’t all that beach-friendly – I’m sure they had to shake a lot of sand out of their high heels once they got back home!

We last spotted Katie and her daughter spending some time poolside during a sun-soaked stay in Miami, Florida.

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Photo credit: GSI Media, Flynet

  • Mia

    I don’t like when people say things about others parenting, but seriously?
    Not only that child is in heels, but in the SAND?
    That’s dangerous!
    I can’t think why a sane person would walk on the beach on high heels.

  • Alaina

    Suri is one pretty little girl.

  • Anonymous

    Nice pictures but does Katie not know how to stand like a lady..and heels in the sand really? Suri is cute ….

  • melo1983

    Goodness at least go barefoot, ugh.

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ their clothes and shoes! This isn’t New York, Katie. It’s the beach!! Let your kid be a kid and either go barefoot or wear flip flops.

    • Anonymous

      My reaction exactly xD Couldn’t help but have a bit of a giggle. Ah well… Each to their own!

  • Anonymous

    Umm… or you know, maybe they didn’t intend to go down to the sand initially but changed their minds once at the party? Should they have driven home and switched footwear just so people seeing the pictures later would be happy? Come on. It looks like a sporadic trip down to water between a happy mom and child.

    • Mia

      Couldn’t they simply take their shoes OFF?
      Like any other normal person?
      It’s not like they aren’t getting sand in their feet in those sandals.
      Wearing heels in the sand is dangerous. They could easily sprain their ankles.

    • Annie123

      No, but they could have taken their shoes off.
      What makes me LOL is Suri’s skirt and shirt pocket. Clearly, Katie made them with the sewing machine she got on her birthday. They look terrible, even I could make something better and at least hem the skirt.

  • JennG

    short sleeves in the winter & long sleeves in the summer,katie could’ve at least let her run around bare foot it probably would’ve been easier to walk.I like suri’s skirt but the shirt is ugly & looks too big for her.She or her mother are hardly fashion plates!

  • Hannah.J

    What were they thinking wearing heals how uncomfortable, at the beach it’s NO shoes.

  • haggered

    Katie is making so much more of an effort with her appearance these days. Her hair always looks amazing. Suri really does have the Cruise features as well as the nose…oh well. Don’t know if thta bodes well. The Mapother women have quite angular features….

  • Grandma of Four

    I agree completely with Anonymous @12:00 am! I think they were just out for a ride and on the spur of the moment, they parked the car and went down on the beach! They both look happy! So they got some sand in their shoes! WHAT is the big deal? I have actually done the exact same thing with my own kids and “grands”! Good that Katie and Suri were out having FUN! :~ )

    • Anonymous

      I think they were attending film producer Joel Silver’s beach party, just like the Rossdale/Stefani family. So yeah they knew they were going at the beach.

  • Grandma of Four

    Did anyone happen to notice ALL the other folks down on the WITH THEIR SHOES ON!!! Happy to see mother and daughter having a GOOD TIME!

  • Ondine

    This could only occur in Hollywood, a mother/daughter duo enjoying the beach in their high heels. It’s laughable.

    • Anonymous

      LOL I agree. I was just thinking I have grown up on the beach and never have I seen someone walking with high heels through the sand, but then again I don’t live in Hollywood. I saw the picutre of Gavin Rossdale in his black pants in sneakers in the water too. LOL

  • Larissa

    no, there is absolutely no excuse for the heels.
    I really hope little girls don´t look up to Suri, this is not a case of bad parenting, is just plaing WRONG!

  • Anonymous

    Oh this is TERRIBLE! I don’t support people who critizise children but this is not Suri’s fault, this woman is a terrible mother! I don’t like high heels for children because they are in constant growing and it could hurt their ankles but this is even worse, if you look there is a picture where you can see Suri almost falling! If you want to put high heels to your daughter then TAKE THEM OFF in the sand! She has no excuses! I hate how this awfull parents are rasing up this poor girl, for me they can win the price of the worst parents ever! Poor Suri.

  • Anna

    I really really like Katie’s otufit!!! She is so beautiful, I don’t know how she hasn’t got any sense of fashion.
    Don’t judge her as a mother if you don’t know her. But the heels on Suri are horrible.

  • Anonymous

    It amazes me how much Suri looks like William Mapother.

  • SMH

    My aunt wears little heels to the beach to. That’s cause she’s never without them as she says, “they make me taller so I’ll wear them wherever!”

  • Anonymous

    Grandma of Four@ Gwen and her kids were there as well as many other celebrities thier kids and the other kids were in swim wear or had no flats.

    SMH@ the difference is your aunt is never without her heels but Katie wears flats all the time.

  • Anonymous

    to each their own, but they come off looking like a joke. they live in their own world with no concept of reality! must be nice…

  • Anonymous

    There are those down to earth celebrity moms who will do anything to make sure their children grow up with a realistic, healthy outlook on living and life and try to make their lives as “normal” as possible, then there’s Katie Holmes….

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