Jennifer Garner & Violet Are Booked

Jennifer Garner and her adorable daughter Violet, 5, spent some time stocking up on reading material at a library in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday (June 1).

Violet helped mom feed the parking meter before they went into the library. Never too early to teach kids how to avoid getting a ticket!

Jennifer has had to deflect rumors that she and husband Ben Affleck are expecting their third child – recent photos show the Alias actress with a slightly fuller figure. But alas the couple, who are also parents to two-year-old daughter Seraphina, have denied a baby is on the way. ‘The speculation is false, she is not pregnant,’ Garner’s representative said.

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Photo credit: GSI Media, Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t believe their denials – she looks pregnant in almost every picture.

    • Anonymous

      For god’s sake, when are people going to give this a rest? People have thought she looked pregnant in every picture taken since the day her second child was born. Learn some human biology if you don’t understand how pregnancy works – you get progressively bigger over time. You don’t stay the same size in every picture, for over two years. Some women just naturally always have a little bit of a stomach, and she is obviously one of those people. It doesn’t mean pregnancy.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for sounding off, Anonymous (11:55) and ditto to everything you said.

        What I find really annoying is that some stars (mostly males, but it happens with women too) get a free pass when they are carrying a few extra pounds or had a large lunch and others don’t and the pregnancy speculation begins. Jen Garner, Sarah M. Gellar, Nicole Richie are all slim, attractive women (this IS Hollywood after all), but get scrutinized all the time. Yet, I’ve seen other women featured here on this site who are more deserving of this sort of scrutiny and don’t receive it. What gives?

  2. boyscout

    Love that they support the local library! Love this family. So adorable. I hope they do have a third baby! I think a little boy Affleck would be cute.

  3. Nina D.

    I love how much Violet loves to read! <3

  4. Elizabeth

    Love love love Jen
    with her money she could buy up a Borders but instead uses the library! Love it- her daughters always look happy and adorable. Fav family.

  5. Tazina

    I love that Jen encourages Violet to read. People who don’t know the joy of books and reading are missing out so much in their lives. I am never bored or alone because I have a book with me always.

    • Tara

      So true. One of the best observations on this site in weeks. It’s sad that it is a rapidly fading tradition due to the myriad of electronic devices. I admit I download stories onto my kindle and iPad- but my two year old rips the actual books out of my hand so it’s my only other resort if I want to read. Books are an escape and just a small glimpse into the limitless possibilities we all have at our disposal.

  6. Audrey

    I love that Jen in instilling the love of reading into her children, it is so important, and the fact that she uses the library is amazing — even though she and Ben have so much money it doesn’t seem like they give into their daughter’s every whim. Violet is so cute in her little glasses, and while I don’t think Jen is pregnant I would love to see them have just one more.

  7. haggered

    Violet is enormous. She’s a giant.

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Haggered: Have you seen her dad? Very tall man, that Ben Affleck.

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