Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s Sunday Fun

High profile couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were photographed with their elder daughter Sunday Rose in New York City on Sunday (May 29). The trio were headed to Chelsea Piers for a fun day of bowling. Lil’ sis Faith, 5 months, napped this one out.

Keith has sold more than 12 million albums and Nicole has won an Academy Award. Still, the paparazzi always catches the down-to-earth couple off guard. “I always get thrown because we live such a normal life in Nashville,” Keith recently said. “We spend most of the year in Nashville, but we never get bothered here, so usually when you see photos of us, it’s in New York or LA, but it’s usually a fleeting visit.”

In fact, the entire Kidman-Urban family was just spotted at the Los Angeles International airport. Such a sweet family!

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    see, sometimes avoiding all the paparazzi attention can be done.

  2. Anonymous

    my sweetheart is so big and cute.
    beautiful family.
    has a video nic and sun dancing is so funny

  3. Anonymous

    Exactly. You can be an uber A-lister like Nicole and carve out a relatively “normal” life for your family. Seems to be a combination of where you choose to live and how you choose to live. They seem to prefer a relatively low-key existence out of the limelight and away from Hollyweird and when they are travelling/out and about, they don’t do anything to purposely draw attention to themselves — casual clothes, no stage makeup and minimal entourage. Not rocket science.

  4. Anonymous

    Sunday is so beautiful! this family is my favorite family in Hollywood!

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous 5:00pm @ wearing makeup is not drawing attention to yourself and we get it you do not like Gwen Stefani you can stop hinting about her in all you post.

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