Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller Reach Custody Agreement

After months of trading insults, barbs, and “torpedoes of truth,” actor Charlie Sheen and ex Brooke Mueller have come to an agreement in the custody dispute over 2-year-old twins, Bob and Max.

TMZ reports that the estranged couple has decided to share joint legal and physical custody of the boys, and that their attorneys submitted the details of the deal to a judge yesterday (June 1) in Los Angeles.

In the revised agreement, though Charlie and Brooke will share custody, the children will still spend more time with their mother than their father.

Sheen had recently filed for sole custody of the twins amid reports that Brooke re-entered rehab after failing to submit a court ordered urine sample, and was spotted trying to pawn personal items to purchase drugs.

The judge denied Charlie’s bid on the grounds that he had not spent much time with his sons, and allowed the boys to remain under the care of Mueller’s mother.

Now that Brooke is out of rehab and has been reunited with the twins, the next step is for both parties to sign the documents once they’re removed from the court. According to the law, documents not filed within the courthouse can be kept confidential. Submitting them in this manner also allows the high-profile parents to skip their upcoming court date.

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  1. SMH

    Neither one of them seem stable enough to have any kind of custody. I wish only the best for Bob and Max.

  2. Anonymous

    What’s the agreement? For him to put a bag over his head before he picks up the kids?

  3. Anonymous

    SMH@ I agree with that Neither one of them seem stable enough to have any kind of custody and Brookes parents aren’t any better the way they pimp out the boys to the paparazzi by stopping and posing for them with the boys, there are more pictures of the boys now then when they were with their parents. Is there any relative from either side that doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem, crazy or will pimp out the boys that can take them in.

  4. Grandma of Four

    Let’s cross our fingers and pray! Oddly enough, I am not as worried about Charlie because he has Denise who strikes me as very stable and grounded but Brooke is another story. This is going to be a “wait and see”!

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