Kate Hudson & Family: Baseball Bunch

A very pregnant Kate Hudson and her fiance Matt Bellamy showed up at Ryder’s baseball game held in Malibu, Calif. on Thursday (June 2).

Also at the park was Kate’s ex-husband Chris Robinson with his wife Allison Bridges and their daughter Cheyenne.

Kate, who is due this summer, chose a unique maternity look and wore a floral maxi dress with sheepskin boots.

Meanwhile the rocker dad-to-be recently expressed his excitement on the pregnancy.

The Muse front man said, “I’m already getting the vibraphone out and the Wurlitzer – these nice sort of twinkling high nice sort of mellow sounds that makes the baby kick and stuff. So I’ve got a feeling I’ll incorporate those sounds into the next album a little bit.”

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  1. Anonymous

    she seems to get bigger every day! Funny how some people seem pregnant for years, and others for just a few weeks or months…

  2. Anonymous

    WTF? Winter boots, tacky curtains, winter hat – are you sure this is Malibu? Irrespective of the climate or season, this is super tacky and unflattering. Kate, get a stylist and a mirror.

  3. Anonymous

    oh why did kate end up with a tiny dorky looking man 🙁

  4. Anonymous

    Her ‘outfit’ looks terrible

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