Report: Zuma Rossdale “On The Mend” After Trip To Hospital

Poor Zuma!

According to reports, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s youngest son was rushed to the hospital last night after he had a fall at the family’s Beverly Hills home.

Though the adorable 2-year-old is said to be recovering and doing well, he apparently suffered a broken arm as a result of the accident. Ouch!

“Zuma is now back home and on mend, but it was a very harrowing few hours in the Stefani-Rossdale household,” a source tells The National Enquirer.

We hope little Zuma – and his surely very worried parents – are feeling okay today!

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  • anonymous

    A couple of other news sources are reporting that he fell off the kitchen counter. That is inexcusable especially with all the help they have at home. At least one person should have had their eyes on him. Break was so bad he needed a pin in his wrist. A break that severe may cause him problems for the rest of his life. very sad indeed.

    • NannyVal

      I have four children,and I dont care how many people are in one room with an active two year old..Unless you are actually holding one arm,and someone has his other,He “might” be protected.I can see how he broke his wrist.Im sure he will have excellent care to make sure this accident wont leave him with problems.

  • alaina

    Poor Zuma .

  • Elizabeth

    Where were the 4 nannies when this happened?

    • Anonymous

      One was giving Gwen a backrub, another was giving her a blow out, the third was fixing Gavin a cocktail and the 4th was flushing the toilet.

  • klutzy_girl

    Kids fall and hurt themselves. It’s a part of life. Who’s to say someone did try to get him and just wasn’t fast enough?

    • anonymous

      so why was the kid on the countertop in the first place? Is he a toaster? kids do not belong on countertops or table tops. Especially since anything can happen in a split second. Best way to avoid accident is to NOT PUT KID ON COUNTERTOP.

      • Anonymous

        get a life people stuff like that happens all the time with nanny or without

  • anonymous

    fire the nannies…

  • Anonymous

    Accidents happen all the time and falls are unavoidable in many instances – it’s not like he swallowed poison or something. What I’m curious about is the details – is the National Enquirer a credible news source? If so, then Gwen needs new friends — blabbing private medical information to a tabloid is not the hallmark of a good friend.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This article says a broken arm not a pin in his wrist.

    • Anonymous

      Broken arm is the injury, pin in the wrist is the treatment. As I understand it. And, having had a broken arm and a metal plate in my arm. It’s out now, but it happened 3+ years ago, and I /definitely/ still have problems with it. Except I’m 20+ years older than Zuma.

  • Anonymous

    Accidents happen! But let’s all judge Gwen and her help like they’re abusing and neglecting the kids. What a fun way to make ourselves feel good.

  • Mia

    Get well soon Zuma! I’m sure your mom and your dad take care of yourself and that you’re doing well!

  • Anonymous

    Accidents are accidents! I’m sure there was surveillance at this moment but if they had just have a moment of inadvertence , this could happen!
    Gwen and Gavin are good parents and I love them
    But I think they have too much nannies

  • anonymous

    Agree with @ 07:49 pm

  • anonymous

    So agree with you klutzy_girl !

    Love you Gwen and Gav , get well as soon as you can little Zuma <3

  • audrey

    If a kid wants on a cabinet that’s where they probably will get. I have a granddaughter that did. Accidents happen.

  • Anonymous

    Yes.. who in their life has never been on top of a counter? People are very rude.

  • Grandma of Four

    I, too, agree with @7:49 pm!!! My VERY active 3 year old son (who is now a 38 year old paramedic) went to the emergency room TWICE in one hour! And, there was family all around him! Don’t ask to explain…too long…BUT, the doctor’s assured us that was definitely NOT the first time for a repeat visit in one hour! BTW, the same child crushed his wrist at age 5 doing something he was NOT supposed to be doing, was in a cast for months! Then there were 2 more emergency room visits for stitches (head and then bottom of foot)! You did note he is a paramedic today! :~ ) Hope little Zuma is on the mend! Such a wonderful smile! :~ )

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know. Accidents happens, but I have been a nanny for a family where they put their babies (twins) on the sofa and left the room. Or worst, they let the baby alone in the bathtub or on yhe changing table. If something had happened, should we just say “accident happens?” . They happen, but yopu can prevent them (and let’s be clear, nobody knows if its an accident or a lack of prevention in zuma’s case. In any case, I guess they have learned their lesson the hard way

  • Ivan L

    Zuminha, lindo. Melhoras, estou torcendo por você. ♥

  • GGNDrock

    Omg, people can’t be seriously having-ago at something?! He is 2 (almost 3) year old boy! Kids are always hurting themselves and god knows what else they get up to and do! It’s classic child (boy)ness, it shows that they’re kids like every one else!!! No matter how much you ‘look/watch’ at child, they are going to hurt themselves anyway! Geeez people!

    Celebrities, well most of them anyway (definitely The Rossdale’s) are still normal human beings, just like us! It’s happened to them, it could happen to you/your family, could happen to me when I have kids.

    and I hope it isn’t true, it was posted on The National Enquirer, so hopefully it’s not true. If it is, hope lil’ Zums get better very quickly – I’m sure he’ll be getting LOTS of TCL/love from his loving family and friends!

  • anonymous

    So agree with GGNDrock!!!
    The Rossdale’s are humans like us and Zuma is a child like others!!

    • anonymous

      they are not! and zuma is the next superGODstar OK?

      fire the nannies…

  • Anonymous

    probably tripped trying to run in those skinny jeans

    • anonymous

      LOL! I can see that.

  • Seriously!

    Gwen & Gavin are both awesome parents, I doubt a lot of posters here can even compare! I’ve known other kids who broke bones and I never once thought it was a reflection on their parents, what the heck people?!

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