Zoe Kravitz On Fame, Fashion & Family

While some of her peers are out trying to make a name for themselves in Hollywood by any means necessary, Zoe Kravitz is playing down hers.

The daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and artist & former Cosby kid, Lisa Bonet, the 22-year-old actress wants no part of “that it girl s–t” the entertainment world is trying to label her with since her breakout role in X-Men: First Class, and she says she has her famous parents to thank for it.

“I’m in a very lucky position because I’ve been around [fame] so long, I don’t feel the need to chase it,” Kravitz tells Asos.

My dad was brought up very old school, very strict … So he’s wearing leather pants and a boa, but he would be like, ‘Did you do your chores today?’ Or … ‘Yes, there’s a party going on with Mick Jagger and some models, but it’s your bedtime.'”

Speaking of leather pants and boas…

Knowing how the average child feels about their own parents’ fashion choices, one would think that it was particularly difficult for Zoe growing up. Though she admits there was a time when that hot pink boa would drive her absolutely crazy, Kravitz says that she’s come to appreciate her parents’ unique fashion sense.

“I used to be embarrassed about how [my mom] and dad would dress, but now I steal their clothes all the time!” she shares. “My dad has totally taken my Cat Stevens t-shirt, but it’s okay, I have his Black Flag one and it’s amazing.”

In fact, their styles are so similar, Zoe says that she once made a trip to a thrift store, only to come home and find that a lot of the clothes she bought were the ones her mother had recently donated!

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