Ivanka Trump: “I Have Meetings” Two Weeks After My Due Date

Her baby hasn’t even arrived yet, but busy mom-to-be Ivanka Trump is already planning her return to work.

The 29-year-old Apprentice star, who is expecting a baby girl with her husband Jared Kushner later this month, tells In Touch that she predicts she’ll be back to work soon after her daughter’s birth, saying, “I have meetings on the calendar two weeks after my due date, but of course, I’ll have to get to know the baby’s needs first.”

Asked if she expects a “push present” from her hubby (new mom Rachel Zoe got a 10 carat rock after the birth of her son Skylar earlier this year), Ivanka says she’ll just wait and see.

“I’ll leave it to him to determine if and how he wants to spoil me come summer.”

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Photo credit: Martin Schoeller for Harper's Bazaar


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  1. Krissy

    I am guessing she doesn’t mean to come off as a loser but that is how she sounds.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe not a loser, but definitely naive — unless she plans to outsource every aspect of her newborn’s care and doesn’t plan on breastfeeding, bonding, etc. Babies’ arrivals and needs don’t follow a schedule or necessarily go according to plan. What if the baby is late, colicky and a c-section?

    • Cindy

      Nah, just a professional woman not obsessed with her baby, but trying to balance a busy career and family life. Not a loser at all. Many women do both very successfully.

      • carrie

        If dedication to a new child is not your priority then you are making a big mistake. I have known many “moms” like this and have yet to meet someone who actually really “does both successfully” as opposed to someone who “thinks she is doing it successfully”- and pays the price much later down the line.

        • Lana

          carrie, you probably have never met real career women. hey, if you’re a housewife, chances are, your friends are gonna be housewives too. but just so you know, bigger world out there folks, bigger world.

      • Anonymous

        Many women do both successfully, but not two weeks after having their baby. The first 6 weeks is crucial bonding time for mother & baby. I think once she has her child she’ll change her mind about going back to work so soon.

  2. Anonymous

    this revelation will help you know your baby’s needs: your baby needs you. i mean, to each her own, you cut that cord when you see fit, but do schedule in some time to get to know the critter growing inside you.

  3. carrie

    I know that she is an intelligent woman, but that comment about getting back to work sounds so selfish and embarrassing- I mean why exactly are you having a baby?? Sadly babies are becoming just an accessory to some people. They are not little forever, its such a short time and if you miss that you will definately feel regretful later on, that bonding time cannot be revisited, trust me I know.

    • Lana

      that comment was awesome, my friend performed heart surgery 2 days after her baby’s birth. i’d like to see you say this again if that kid on the OR (translation operation room) table was yours. women are so stupid sometimes, if you think your biggest role in life is mommyhood. you have not seen the horizon, and nor have your mom.

  4. Anna

    The baby might not come until 2 weeks after her due date. In any case I think it’s wrong to go back to work so soon after having a child.

  5. Anna

    And “push present”? Who ever came up with that name, it’s just awful.

  6. Courtney

    Ivanka is a work a holic what do you expect her to change just because she’s having a baby

  7. Anonymous

    Okay please, Ivanka Trump is not a loser. So she wants to work after her baby? There are women out there that DON’T work and still don’t take care of their children. Those are the real losers. I hope Ivanka and her new family all the best!

  8. Anonymous

    How sad that it’s already planned that a nanny will be the primary parent. Obviously, she wasn’t ready to be a mother.

  9. Anonymous

    She should say the Nanny will deal with it and just get it over with now.

  10. Anonymous

    Oh please, Ivanka Trump is not a loser. So she wants to go back to work after the baby? I know women that DON’T work and still don’t take care of their children. Ivanka is a class act and I wish her and her new & upcoming family the very best!

  11. Anonymous

    Insane! What is the point of having a child if you are not going to bring him or her up?6

  12. Anonymous

    She comes off as someone who has no intention of changing her life just because this new being exists. sad, sad, sad.

  13. Anonymous

    Ivanka is like many first time moms. She has NO idea how she will feel and how she will react to being a mom. Her world is about to turn upside down and her priorities will change as well. Let’s let her have the baby before we comment on this.

  14. Anonymous

    What is not posted from this Ivanka Trups interview is (“I work so close [to home] that I figured I’d return to work and the baby nurse would bring the baby to me, and I’d run home periodically, and I’d make it work. But every two hours? That’s a whole other level,” she says. “I’ll have to make a nursery at the office.”)

    So if thing don’t work out with going home every two hours she plans on having a nursery at the office which many working moms wish they could do.

  15. Audrey

    She very well may have the resources and stamina to do it. I had my second child on a Sunday evening, went home the next morning, and was in my college classes that afternoon – Monday. Had a supportive husband and everything went fine.

    She has meetings but that doesn’t mean they are all day long, everyday.

  16. Anonymous

    I am a nanny myself. I started as a mother’s helper when the baby was 2 days old, and the mom went back to work at 3 weeks. They also has a 2 year old, who has started quite frequently calling me “mommy” and wants nothing to do with her parents when they get home, and instead cries when I leave for the night. I understand having a career and a family, but sometimes it’s too excessive, and makes me wonder what the point of having these children was.

  17. NannyVal

    :You know what my “push present” was? Holding my precious child after giving birth..As far as I am concerned,NOTHING can compare to that!!

  18. Anonymous

    She’ll be surprised to see that with a baby things don’t always go as planned. She’s got a lesson to learn there, but hey, didn’t we all think just like her befor we knew what it’s like?

  19. SMH

    yea it’s so much easier to say these things before baby comes. After it’s a whole other story!

  20. Grace

    The day I see a many being criticized for going back to work 2 weeks after his child is born is the day I will take the ridiculous criciticms on here of Ivanka seriously. Those of you who are criticizing her are all a bunch of hypocrites.

  21. Tanya

    Sorry Grace, but that argument doesn’t work. Men and women are different. The woman carries the baby for 9 months, gives birth to it, and feeds it from her own breast. Babies need their mommies, especially in the infancy stage.

  22. Jessie

    She seems like a typical first time mom, not realizing how much her life is going to change. The funny thing is, her priorities will automatically shift the second she meets her child. I’m sure she will be cancelling those meetings-she just doesn’t know it yet!

  23. SANY

    Sorry to the ladies who think that you can do it all and be successful. Something will give eventually- like guilt that you were not there when she/he was young. Years go by very fast and they are all grown up. Ivanka can afford to be a stay home mom for a few years. But I’m sure she will have a nanny or two around the clock. If you can afford nannies and cooks, stay home, they are small for a short time. I know so many girls that have to work full-time put their babies in daycare at three months old come home cook dinner and try to keep a house clean, not easy, and they all wish they can be stay home moms. Ivanka stay home with your newborn and enjoy her!!!!!!

    • Lana

      if you accepted that your biggest role in life is to be a housewife then yes, you will feel guilty. but i’m so proud of her thtn her life moves after the baby. sany, i hope you break your domestic bondage someday.

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