Gwen Stefani & Her Boys: Day Out At The Botanical Gardens

Gwen Stefani took her kids, Zuma, 2, and Kingston, 5, to Huntington Library’s Botanical Gardens in San Marino, Calif. on Saturday (June 4).

Zuma, who recently injured his arm at their Beverly Hills home, wore a plaster cast in a sling and little Harley Davidson motorcycle boots.

As the family strolled into the gardens, Kingston was at first treated to a piggyback ride by the nanny. He then came down to help push the stroller when Zuma decided to walk on his own.

Looks like the little guy is dealing with his situation well!

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Photo credit: Coast News

  • Anonymous

    So wonderful to see that the devastation of your child in a cast didn’t stop you from allowing the nanny to take care of zuma. Gwen great parenting 101 there. While I do not think they should be blamed for the accident, things happen all the time. They pretty much could take their kids out for once by themselves. My sister has 5 boys age 2-8, and can certainly afford plenty of help- but she and her husband do it all by themselves. it’s nuts.

  • April

    They are so cute and poor Zuma.

  • Nanny Sue

    I think she must rotate nannies or just keeps 4-5 regulars on retainer. When she was travelling recently, she had the blonde as well as a hispanic girl with her. It must be hard for the kids to develop a bond with the nanny if they don’t have the same one all the time.

  • Anonymous

    lol if she keeps nannies around, then she’s letting someone else raise her kids, and if she switches them out, “oh no they have no time to booond with the nanny!” so which is it, should they bond or not? bunch of whiners if I ever saw any. sorry you’ll never be able to afford them – don’t have kids if you can’t handle them/afford to get help, ladies. 5 boys in six years or whatever was their stupid decision, not anyone else’s.

    what a stupid accident, though. i hope whichever nanny was supposed to be watching him got fired or something, because that’s ridiculous. if you’re going to let nannies raise your kids, at least get competent ones.

    • Anonymous

      Were you sober when you wrote this jibberish?

    • Anonymous2

      Agree with the other anonymous you are an incoherent idiot. Put down the beer.

      • Anonymous

        ditto – maybe she forgot to take her meds.

  • SMH

    Poor Zuma’s…those slings are not comfy!!

    All the complaining over the nanny situation isn’t going to change the fact that she likes them, can afford them, and will continue to use them! I don’t agree with having nannies all the time but this is her life and if she’s not concerned about the kids and how many different people take care of them then I guess it’s not for us to worry about either. Atleast she seems to always be with them so it’s not like that nannies are “raising” them.

    • Anonymous

      My sentiments exactly, SMH.

  • Anonymous

    Gee, I love the way everyone rags on this woman for having nannies. If any one of you geniuses had her money, you’d have nannies too. Stop being so petty.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Mama,
      There’s a distinction between “having” a nanny and relying on one (or 12) 24/7 even when you are not working or otherwise away from your kids. Lots of celebs – I’d even venture to say most – employ nannies, but they are frequently pictured with their children without having a nanny tagging along on every outing. Jennifer Garner, Ellen Pompeo, Alison Hannigan, Denise Richards, the list goes on.

      P.S. I have one myself and she’s awesome.

    • Tara

      Actually I can afford to have full time live in nannie(s) but choose to raise my child myself. I think there is nothing wrong with having help but she NEVER is without it. She is so self absorbed and that is what I think the main issue is for the majority of people.
      This claim of jealousy is far reaching and used as a last resort to insult. In today’s society where woman can do and be anything they want many of us have her material advantages but still are the primary caregivers to our kids. Try another insult next time.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Tara! 🙂

      • Rebecca

        Way to go, Tara! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m yet to become a mother, but I’m sure if my child had just broken their arm I’d want to be with them all the time, not assign a nanny to look after him/her instead. Just my thoughts.

    I hope Zuma recovers soon though.

    • Anonymous

      Speaking as a mother of 2 myself, I feel bad for her kids. No amount of money or material things (best clothes, best toys, etc.) can replace the love and attention a child receives from a parent and as you so aptly pointed out, comforting a wounded child is something a parent does best.

      Makes you wonder why she had kids in the first place when she treats them like toys or accessories that she can drop or push aside when she gets bored.

  • Lou x

    Oh lay off about the nannies! When we see them, they are out and about, and 9 times out of 10 mobbed by paps – I’d take a bloody nanny too! At least that way if the paps get a bit much for the kids the nanny can go off with the kids and let the media attention be on Gwen.
    When they’re at home i highly doubt the nannies are around 24/7, the suggestion is ridiculous.

    I’m sorry but personally i think her and Gavin come across as responsible and loving parents. I’ll admit sometimes i do think the nannies are a bit much, but as i said, i can’t blame them sometimes! Also, what’s to say this woman isn’t a family friend?? Obviously the usual ones we always see in pics are nannies, but she’s just out and about with the kids and ‘a woman’, why assume its a nanny? that strikes me as a little unfair.

    As for the accident – they happen. I don’t have children but i do have a toddler niece and nephew, both of whom i look after regularly and am not ashamed to admit they’ve both sat on the counter to help cooking/wash their hands. I’d never leave them there on their own, but accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. Kingston and Zuma have made it this far without anything terrible happening to them, i’m pretty sure G&G know what they’re doing…it only takes a second for a child to fall awkwardly, bang their head, etc, i don’t think they should be judged based on one accident.

    • Grandma of Four

      EXCELLENT! VERY WELL SAID! My daughter (same age as Gwen with FAR less money takes her baby sitter with her on outings! And, with three very active kids under age 10, she needs another set of eyes and pair of hands! Not to mention the driving plus traffic involved in going on outings! Her gal pals do the exact same thing! All of them have even taken their baby sitters with them on vacations! I just do not get all this complaining and criticism! Lighten up!
      Congrats to Gwen for getting her fellas OUT of the house and back into the swing of things!

      • Great Grandma of 8

        I think YOU need to lighten up, Grandma. I’ve read the posts and the anti-nanny group have a point and you missed it. No one is denying a wealthy woman the right to have a nanny — all celebs have one. It’s just that this gal can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other without her nannies and entourage. Other big celebs manage to do their business and outings, etc. without the cavalry, that’s all.

        As far as needing a shield from the paps, once again, other celebs like J.Garner can handle it and you know how she’s swarmed constantly. Having an entourage just makes Gwen more conspicuous and ergo, more of a “target”.

        • Grandma of Four

          Actually, none of us posting comments have any idea whatsoever about the lives of the big celebs nor do we have any idea why they take additional people with them when they go places. I was merely stating an opinion and giving an example. And, BTW, my daughter and my son go places all the time by themselves with their kids. However, there are some places….large public parks with lots of play equipment the different ages like to play on comes to mind….where that extra set of eyes is prudent! I understood exactly the anti-nanny groups perspective.

          • anonymous

            Grandma, it seems like you’re back-pedalling and being a tad inconsistent.

      • Anon

        “Not to mention the driving plus traffic involved in going on outings!”

        Grandma of 4, I think perhaps the fumes from your denture cream are affecting yor brain. Traffic and driving are eased by a nanny? Unless they are out on the roof of the car directing traffic, their presence should have no beneficial impact on this. Maybe you meant to say they assist with the coordination of getting the kids in and out of the stores and vehicles, which while still sounding lame, makes a more plausible argument. PS your daughter should be mortified of the impression you leave readers, I have read your comments before that included her and you make her come off as an incompetent fool. I agree with great grandma of 8!

        • Grandma of Four

          Well…let me see. First off I do NOT have dentures! By any chance, do you live in a MAJOR metropolitian area with a huge network of freeways? HUMMM? Traffic and driving are not eased by a sitter, you are right. Your additional argument about “coordination” is more what I should have said. And, my daughter does just fine and dandy with her 3 kids! She is definitely NOT incompetent, has a full time job, all three kiddos are in different sports leagues (one is on a travel team), plus they do additional activities after school to boot! Quite frankly, I am amazed at everything that goes on during her day! Fortunately, she has a supportive hubby who is also very interactive with the kids!

        • anonymous

          Anon, Thanks to you I have coffee all over my computer screen!!! Thanks for the laugh.

        • anonymous

          Anon, you are hilarious. Thanks for a sane and very entertaining post. Maybe Grandma has dementia.

        • Tara

          While I too laughed at this, Very very funny. I see what Grandma of 4 was trying to say. Some help is ok, but solely relying on them to raise your kids is just wrong.
          PS- all moms brag about their daughters and sons no matter how old they are- I know I bore the hell out of my friends talking about my kid and he is only two.

          • Grandma of Four

            :~ ) Thanks! Have a good day!

  • Shanon

    Kids can get hurt regardless of who’s watching them. If they wanna get into something, they’ll find a way. I see nothing wrong with having a nanny if that’s your thing. No different than some parents who constantly leave the kids in daycare or with Grandparents. My son is three and very independent. I know he’s a hand full and my parents can have a hard time keeping up with him.

  • Anonymous

    zumas just a little trooper 🙂 mom and nannies aside, it looks as though he’s putting on a very brave face for his injury

  • Anonymous

    she looks prego …

    • Anonymous

      That’s because she’s wearing her livingroom drapes. Man, you could fit a family of four under all that fabric let alone a fetus.

  • Audrey

    Accidents happen under the best of circumstances. They certainly did to my kids.

    If I could have afforded nannies, I certainly would have loved their help. I had my mother help me often; it made life and errands easier. Help certainly doesn’t hurt. And this couple do seem hands-on even if there are others around.

  • Anonymous

    Tara – you need to get a life and stop worrying about what Gwen Stefani does or doesn’t do with her kids. You must be very lonely.

    • Anonymous@NJ

      Aww boo hoo, poor Gwen and her pathetic fans. Tara just hit the nail on the head with her assessment of this sad excuse for a “mother”. Gwen thinks cross dressing, bleaching and leaving someone else to raise her kids is normal parenting? That is disgusting and Tara is right- it’s signs of a completely self absorbed, egomaniac. Furthermore tara seems far from lonely…she appears to be happy and has a great life…much more than the anonymous one’s who spew nothing but hatred and negativity.

      Get a life bitter jealous loser….! Way to go Tara.

      • anonymous

        & Way to Go Anonymous@NJ too!!

    • anonymous

      Tara has plenty of company my friend.

    • Tristabelle

      You make no sense, because she feels someone should raise their kids at least part of the time she is lonely? Please do not tell me you have kids? With logic like that I would be amazed they could tell their heads from their a**. Well I guess with you as a mom the a** part would not be so difficult:)!

      Btw I have a nanny but yet am able to take my kids to the park, shopping, and go to the bathroom all on my own. Pretty incredible.

      • anonymous

        Thanks Tristabelle. 🙂 Some people are just plain thick.

    • Tara

      Thanks anonymous@nj, anonymous and tristabelle!

      but now I must get crawl back into my hole and continue living my meaningless, lonely shell of a life (without the help of a nanny of course;).

      • Anonymous@NJ

        LOL- Gwen would probably need help doing that too;) except her hole would be filled with bleaching and nail polish products.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t forget the mirrors and a few assistants.

  • Anonymous

    Zuma is the spitting image of Gavin these days.

    • anonymous

      That’s not a good thing, but maybe he’ll take after mom in terms of his intellectual prowess.

  • Victoria

    Seriously 39 comments on this family? Why is there always this many negative comments on this one family, like people are waiting in the bushes or something to attack them. I’m a firm believer in people having their own opinions about whatever, but when you’re constantly harping on about something that you can’t change you look so silly. She has nannies, that always go out with her, so what, it’s not like you can change it, and mentioning what you do and don’t do as a mother doesn’t change the situation. She colors her child’s hair, ok, what can you do about it, she dresses them up, what can you do about it (not that anything is wrong that anyway, everyone dresses their kids or buys them clothes according to what they consider appropriate)? Yes poor Zuma broke his arm, (Heal soon Zuma), but he isn’t dead and life goes on, and the nanny holding his hand and walking with him, isn’t the end of the world or a reflection of poor mothering.

    • Anonymous

      You are such a hypocrite. You constantly have opinions on Victoria Beckham and Suri cruise in particular. I notice MANY times you rip apart the same people.

      Check yourself before criticizing others Victoria.

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t noticed her other comments, but I do think it’s odd to chastise people for commenting on a discussion board. Even though celebs aren’t regular folks like the rest of us, there are some that seem a bit more real, relatable and down to earth — Jenn Garner, Naomi Watts to name a couple.
        It’s natural for moms to want to compare notes and war stories and to a certain extent, that’s what this site is about. Celebs like Gwen Stefanni are so far removed from our reality, that people can’t help but voice their amazement at how different she is – in terms of parenting anyway.

        Oh and if you think 39 comments is over the top, there were 300+ on the same topic on another site. Now that is ridiculous. Talk about beating a dead horse!

  • Anonymous

    Gwen Stefani is annoying…nuff said.

    • Anonymous

      She seems very “plastic” and there’s something about her that doesn’t seem genuine. That’s just the vibe I get.

  • Lioness

    Lol, all this over some nannies? I don’t see the Klum-Samuels get anywhere near this much flak for all their nannies, and they have one for each child and take them EVERYWHERE- AND Grandma is always with them!!! The whole “Gwen can’t live w/o her nannies” rage has gotten downright tacky… NONE of us live with her, we don’t know what her life is like, and aren’t really in a position to criticize.

    As for criticizing for Zuma’s mishap- assumptions make asses out of everybody. Accidents happen to children of even the most sanctified and vigilant of mommies (who are apparently all on here commenting), and none of us know how it happened, so why don’t we all just stop that cattiness and wish the little guy a speedy recovery?? My GOD, women suck sometimes…

  • Anonymous

    Why do you care Lioness – don’t take this so personally. I’m sure Gwen doesn’t give a rat’s a$$. Anyway, Heidi Klum has 4 kids – Gwen takes a nanny even when she has 1 child with her for goodness sake. She can’t even go and get a mani pedi by HERSELF – needs an “assistant” to go with her. GMAB.

    Despite being a supermodel, Heidi doesn’t go out of her way to draw attention to herself when she is out with her kids at the playground or wherever — i.e. casual clothes and overall appearance. Gwen is a high-maintenance attention-seeker.

    • Lioness

      Personal? No, I’m not taking any of this personal (that would be just weird), and I’m not sure what part of my post gives you that impression. I’m simply commenting on the fact that people are making WAY too much out of Gwen’s nanny situation, and definitely making all kinds of stupid assumptions about Zuma’s accident. I’m free to comment just like they are.

      You’re saying that the Klums are justified in having 1 nanny per kid? And you’re giving Gwen sh!t for having 1 nanny for her 2? How does that logic work out? Heidi Klum doesn’t go anywhere by herself either- in fact, I don’t know any celebrity of her stature that does… an assistant is constantly with them to keep them on task. People assume that the life of an A-list celeb is like their own life, which is ridiculous. Those people are usually very busy, with a million things going at once. I am merely pointing out that Gwen doesn’t seem to be any different from any other celeb mom, yet gets a huge amount of flak for being so. It doesn’t make sense…

  • Happy To Go There

    anon at 3:39 pm said it BEST! Way to go! That is exactly what needs to be posted on every comment session to remind everyone to get over themselves.

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