Jennifer Garner & Girls: Play Pals

A day after picking up some great reading material from the public library, hands-on mama Jennifer Garner took her two daughters – Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2 – to an outdoor play in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Sunday (June 5). The trio watched A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Forum with some pals.

Earlier this week, the 39-year-old actress denied those persistent and pesky pregnancy rumors. “The speculation is false, she is not pregnant,” her rep stated.

Jen will next be seen starring alongside Hugh Jackman, Ashley Greene and Olivia Wilde in the comedy Butter, a film about a young orphan who discovers she has a talent for butter carving.

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Photo credit: Flynet / Fame / Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    The other day, someone asked me if I was having a boy or girl. I’m not/have never been pregnant, but this isn’t the first time someone has thought so.

    Anyway, today I realized, I don’t feel so bad, because skinny people like Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes, Gwen Stefani, etc. get the pregnancy question.

  2. Anonymous

    Look at the way Seraphina’s leg is at that awkward angle over Jen’s stomach. That’s a pregnancy belly. I’d be willing to put money on that.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take that wager. And I won’t feel bad at all when I take your money.

      I wish I could have made wagers with all the people who’ve just known (for sure this time!!!!) she was pregnant every single time she’s been photographed in the past three years. I’d a billionaire by now.

  3. anonymous

    Ok pregnancy speculators, do YOU have perfectly flat abdomens all the time – even after a large meal, when you are gassy, etc.? I know this is Hollywood and everyone is “supposed” to be perfect, but come on. Why pick on Garner for appearing to have a paunch when there are plenty of celebs who are not as slim as her. I’m not going to list examples, but several have been on this site.

    I am considered thin, but after having a couple of kids, my stomach sticks out a bit too.

  4. Tazina

    She’s not. She’s spending her time with the kids instead of working out at the gym. Keeping up a tight, firm body after a certain age takes a lot of work and dedication. Other things can be more important.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it’s not even about not working out. Even when she’s been in fantastic shape, she’s always had a little bit of a belly (anyone who’s ever watched Alias, which she was on before having children, where she often wore skimpy clothing, could tell you this). THIS IS HER NATURAL, STEADY-STATE BODY SHAPE, PEOPLE. I mean, it’s as if no one here understands that a small belly does not equal pregnancy if that’s how the person looks ALL THE TIME. Also, no one here seems to understand that clothing can very easily cause the illusion of a stomach when there’s nothing there. Like in these photos, for instance, her sweater is buttoned over her midsection. It’s just the sweater, people.

      I don’t even care about this woman. I don’t know her. But it’s maddening how she makes people dispense with all rational, logical thought whenever the paps take her picture.

      • boyscout mountaineer

        Yep, in Alias behind the scenes footage comments were made how wardrobe felt bad for her because even as skinny as she was her tummy would bloat out after eating just a bagel.

        I don’t think she looks pregnant. But I don’t know her either.

  5. Anonymous

    Is it really necessary for her to have brought her nanny??? Come on!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it was the nanny’s day to work.

      Actors and actresses don’t work a regular, weekly, 9-5 schedule. But people like nannies (myself being one) usually do require a consistent schedule. So, maybe Jen is the one tagging along.

      Just another possibility.

      • another anonymous

        Your response to that was a good one and makes a lot of sense. What I can’t figure out though is that Garner is seldom seen with a nanny but when she is, it is usually the same girl. As you indicated, nannies need to pay the bills too and need full time hours. Maybe she shares her with another family.

  6. Anonymous

    Strangest thing I have EVER heard… taking two children under the age of 6 to a play which takes place in ancient Rome about slavery, infidelity, deceit, cross dressing and other very mature adult contect. This, from a mother who can’t let her kid walk near a paparrazzo. She makes very odd choices, beginning with the player she married and thinking he would settle down.

    • Tara

      Oh come on, what kid under ten truly understands this particular double entendre style of humor. Watch spongebob and there is some more adult humor there. They get away with it because MOST children are still so innocent they only laugh because they see adults doing it.
      It’s not like she took them to see Caligula!

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