Gavin Rossdale On Zuma’s “Freak Accident”

Dad Gavin Rossdale reports that two-year-old Zuma is “doing good” after breaking his arm in an accident at home over the weekend.

“It was probably one of the worst nights of our life,” the 45-year-old singer tells US. “It was a freak accident. He fell.”

Fortunately, the adorable tot – who was spotted sporting a cast on his arm while out with his mom Gwen Stefani yesterday – is on the mend.

“He’s doing good now,” Gavin says. “Kids, they find a way. You feel so much when something happens to [your] kids. It’s the worst thing in the world.”

So glad to hear he’s doing well!

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s only a broken arm for crying out loud it’s not the end of the world. Kids break their arms all the time.

  2. anonymous

    Yeah, this guy is a bit of a drama queen. On another site he was quoted as saying it was “horrific”. A fire or a car accident is horrific. Maybe I’ll cut him a break and chalk it up to a limited vocabulary.

  3. anonymous

    Horrific fall? Freak accident? You realise that children get into scrapes like this all the time don’t you?

  4. Anonymous@NJ

    To be fair It probably was the worst thing in the world to them, but he needs to get a grip if this is what he deems tragic.
    My sister has a son dealing with cancer. That’s tragic.

  5. anonymous

    hopefully child services will think it is as horrific as Gavin does and check into why this dangerous situation occured (i.e. why was the kid on countertop anyway.) Not safe and if they were an inner city family hospital would have reported it. must be nice to be rich too bad all their nannies could not stop kid from falling off countertop.

    • Janna

      I happen to be an RN in an “inner city” hospital. I don’t know why you think child services investigates every inner city kid who breaks a bone, but it’s patently untrue. Kids get hurt all the time.

      Haven’t you ever sat your kid on the countertop to help you cook? Or to bandage a cut? Or to wash their face? I know I sure have. Again, kids get hurt all the time. You don’t even know what happened here. Why judge?

      (And your jealously is showing, dear)

      • anonymous

        Janna- FYI, I live in inner city and know of my children’s’ classmates family that were investigated by childrens services for similar “accidents” no charges were filed but it was very invasive with all family members being interviewed separately and many personal questions about family were asked and they even checked to see if there is food in their fridge. I am raising 3 kids (two in late teens now) and none of them have even been on countertop nor have they fallen off countertop. To bandage a cut I would use the bathroom, to help cook I would make them stand on a chair or do cooking prep on table so they can help from there. Accidents do happen but many are avoidable.

        • Janna

          I didn’t say that it *never* happened, I said it doesn’t happen with every injury to a child in an inner city. It sounds like your children’s friends went through a rough ordeal. I don’t know why you think I’m trying to minimize that.

          I would just like to point out that, while you may have never put your child on a countertop, your child could fall off a chair and break their arm just as easily from a chair. It’s not the distance to the ground that makes a difference in a fall, it’s the angle of the landing. Simple as that. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it could happen to anyone, and there wasn’t necessarily negligence here. We just don’t know.

          • anonymous

            Janna-thanks for reply. I do understand your points as well and they are well taken. I don’t think you were trying to minimize anyone’s ordeal. I think you were working from the knowledge you have as an RN 🙂 No jealousy here though… what I have learned during my 40 plus years on this earth is the MONEY does NOT buy happiness and as for nannies I would rather do it all on my own I don’t like people in my business. Same reason I don’t have a cleaning lady.

  6. Anonymous

    Cut the guy some slack. Zuma is still a tiny tot and any injury would seem ‘horrific’ to a parent. And to the person mentioning their wealth, jealous much? Don’t see what being rich (by the way, earned through hard work) has got to do with this situation…!

  7. Anonymous

    I could see a broken arm seeming horrific — if it is a compound fracture (bone breaks through the skin), or the arm is bent really weird. Especially if one hasn’t seen much in the way of injuries.

    Plus, I mean, do YOU (the general “you”) always say the exact words you mean to say? I’m sure I’ve said something like “horrific” when, really, I meant “nauseating” or something.

    It truly sucks that people are dealing with things much more horrific than Zuma’s broken arm, but I don’t think it is up to Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani to fix the world’s problems themselves, either.

    Someone could find a cure for cancer tomorrow, and the richest family could perish in a fire. It’s not as simple as it seems.

  8. jacquie109

    As any decent parent can tell you, it is painful to see your child in pain. So it probably was aweful for them. People are getting offended because the guy said it was “horrifying” is a bit dumb. Do you honestly think that they don’t know about all the children in the world who don’t have it as good as theirs do, get real and stop nit picking!

    • Janna

      I agree. And I liken it to someone say that their plane ride was so long, that by the time they got home they were starving. Now if a celebrity says that, over-sensitive people would get up in arms and say “how dare they say that when people are truly starving all over the planet”.

      My daughter was in a car accident that I distinctly remember calling horrific at the time. Was it horrific in the context of what some people are suffering through every single day? Of course not, but at that moment, in that circumstance, that was the world that came to mind.

    • NYCMommy

      I think people also have to be conscience of the fact that Gavin is English and they use the Queens English. Perhaps horrific does not have same intensity in meaning it does here in US.

      • Anonymous

        NYCMommy, Queen’s English implies that he has a “cut glass” aristocratic accent. Have you heard him speak? His accent is not Queen’s English. I’m from the UK myself – don’t live there anymore thank God – and I can say that his use of the word horrific is definitely hyperbole.

        • NYC Mommy

          Anonymous at 326 pm… good to know. I actually did not think he had an upper crust English accent but I thought you all probably learned the same words regardless of accent. LOL. I was trying to cut him some slack since there are many words used differently in US English and UK English but thanks to your background we know it was not used properly regardless. oh well.

        • Tara

          I am American but lived in London for thirteen years, decided to move back to the USA to give birth to and raise my son. I am curious as to why you say “thank god you don’t live there anymore”. Because every time I tell people I did not want to raise my child in the UK they thought I was crazy…

          I know it’s TOTALLY off topic but it’s refreshing to hear this from a native Brit. Also you are sooo right it’s not the elite accent I was used to too;)

  9. Luna

    It’s not a “horrific” accident as such… Just shows that G+G are spoiled in the sense that their kids are well and healthy! Of course, it is a horrible thing to have happened, especially to a baby like Zuma, but I think there’s are millions of kids that are in more “horrific” situations… such as battling cancer…

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Gavin, but I think that maybe he should have been slightly wiser with his words.

    • AnoninMI

      Are you an idiot? Do you really think, that this man should have calculated his words more correctly so that some moronic internet poster (um, you?) wouldn’t get upset at his choice of words concerning his very young son’s accident? You, and the other posters here, are nauseating. When you’re baby falls down and breaks an arm, let’s see you pick and choose your words so carefully. Oh no, that will be different right, because your no rich.

  10. anonymous

    He takes care of his children and it’s lovely to see. He was scared for his son and it’s normal.
    I do not see why people judge what he says just because he said “horrific” or “freak” For him it’s something horrible because it’s his son
    Many parents will say the same words about their children , including me.

  11. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t read too much into his words.

    For any parent the first trauma of having your child injured or hurt is horrific and upsetting. And they should be lucky to only see that has “horrific” because yes there are far worse things in this world that sadly can happen to your kids.
    And accidents happen all the time. Parents are not perfect and even when you think your watching them or that nothing bad is gonna happen it very well could.

  12. Lou x

    People really will criticise this family for anything they say or do, wont they?! its actually insane, i’m not sure what they did to become so disliked – is it just that they use nannies (whether too much or otherwise) ??
    I don’t get it.
    Gavin comes across as a lovely man, who cares deeply for his wife and kids, i don’t see how that can be seen as a negative?

    Of COURSE there are worse things happening in the world every single day, but they are parents, their children are their world. We can’t sit here and say what happened wasn’t horiffic, because we weren’t there and didn’t see what happened or the extent of the injury. To you it may seem minor, to them their child was hurt, and to most people that is a horrific thing to experience.

    I don’t have children, but i am a paediatric nurse in the uk, and can safely say some of the breaks from even the smallest fall can indeed be pretty gruesome (to me – to the parents of that child i’m sure they’d class it as horrific!)

    • Anonymous

      Lou, I think It’s ridiculous how personally you seem to take the comments that have been posted. You need to chill out, relax and save the lectures and pontificating for people you actually know.

      BTW, most of the posters are parents themselves and speaking from experience, so back off.

  13. tif

    if i saw either of my own children in such pain, together with the possibility that it was my fault – for me, that would be horrific. but maybe thats just me.

  14. Joya

    Why is every time this family is on the website some of you trying to make this family stupid. I mean Anonymous@NJ it’s sad that your sister’s son is dealing with cancer. I have two sons. One of them is 7 and the other one is 2. My oldest son had leukemia when he was 3 and now everything is fine. He still has to be checked if there isn’t something wrong.
    But what has this to do with Zuma’s broken arm. It’s still sad. If it happens to my 2 years old I am shocked to and not everyone had an broken arm. I never had an broken arm or leg or something. So it doesn’t happens to every child.

    Anyway stop trying to make them look bad or stupid. You don’t even know them in real life so you can’t judge about this family.

  15. Anonymous

    No matter how great or small of an injury our children still suffer. When you see your child in pain and there is nothing you can do yourself to take that pain away is a terrible feeling not to mention the guilt if you feel you are responsible or could have prevented the incident. How horrible for anyone to compare the pain of one child to another child.
    First off I am certain the experience was awful for the child and parents, a fall from a counter top, the initial feeling of not being certain as to what injuries are there until looked at by a doctor. I am sure the little one was screaming and crying then to be rushed to the doctor and probably held down for x-rays and exams, more screaming and crying and very little the parents could do to console.
    Also not many parents have a microphone or photo being snapped of their kids and specualation as to what happened, etc. If Gavin passed it off as not much then people would be judging him and saying he was a horrible parent etc.
    I wish the family well and the little one a speedy recovery 🙂

  16. Anonymous

    I think you people who are going on about his use of horrific are horrific individuals. Of course he is going to be upset that his baby broke his arm – it must have felt horrific for him. Who are you to judge him and his feelings for his child! Get a life.

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