Kate Gosselin: “It’s Just Naturally Gotten More Peaceful” With Jon & Me

Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s bitter divorce played out on TV and in the tabloids, but after years of arguing, it seems that they’ve been able to make peace Now, the single mom and Kate Plus 8 star says that things are much better between the two of them. Perhaps time does heal all wounds!

“It’s just naturally gotten more peaceful, which is good,” Kate, 36, tells People. “He’s working now, which is great. He has somewhere else to put his attention, which is good.”

And though the two still have “very different” parenting styles when it comes to their children, 10-year-old twins Mady and Cara, and the sextuplets, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, who recently turned 7, the mom-of-eight says that whatever Jon is doing, appears to be working.

“The kids enjoy spending time with him,” Kate explains. “They wish he would see them more, but as long as they come home happy — and more or less they do — I’m okay with that, so that’s good.”

As for Kate’s love life, the reality TV star says that she’s finally able to start considering the possibility, which is a step in the right direction. She’s also clear about what she’s looking for in a man:

“I want somebody who is older, at least in their 40s. I can’t be bothered with these little boys,” says Kate. “It would be really great to find somebody in real life who can handle the stress around here and who can love my kids the way I do. I want someone who is strong and smart and driven. I think those are the best qualities.

I’m at the point where I’m like, ‘Okay, there’s got to be somebody out there who would work,'” she adds. “If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. And f not, then whatever. I’m happy as I am.”

A new season of Kate Plus 8 returns Monday, June 6 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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  • Seana

    Glad to hear this. Things are so much better for kids of divorce when the parents make an attempt to get along. Good for them. Hope Kate finds her Prince. Everyone deserves love.

    • Anonymous

      well said.

      I bet there is careful thought going into the logistics of 8 children being shared between their parents houses during visitation. Definitely not as easy as just a few children!

  • Mari

    Kate Gosselin should have thought about what kind of man she wanted and fell in love with before she had invitro for pete’s sake and gave birth to 8 children and put them all on TV to support her!

    • Anonymous

      No one truly knows who they are marrying. If you remember the early episodes of the show, they were a truly happy family.

  • Dkaria

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a “Kate & Jon hater” but dang, that is a horrible picture of her. Makes her looked plastic and aged…much older then 36.

  • Anonymous

    Someone should tell her those belts are out

  • Anonymous

    Mari, she didn’t have in vitro. She took a drug to stimulate ovulation then conceived naturally (ie through intercourse).

    • Anonymous

      ugh, lol. I hope this was a good joke!

      Good luck Kate finding a man who wants to take on 8 children!! If you find him consider him a saint!

  • Anonymous

    Funny how Kate story changes not too long ago she was saying how much the kids hate staying at Jon’s place and now they love it, she must know the people are sick of her and even her fans are starting to get tired of her and the show so she trying to play nice to get back some viewers to keep her show on the air. Lets face it the kids always look happier with Jon he is doing what he should have done in the begging is keep the kids off TV and away from the media unlike their mom.

    Even though I think Kate’s being fake I hope they are getting along for the kids sake and Jon can find a way to get them off TV so they can have a somewhat privet life.

  • Anon

    That belt looks stupid.

  • Sammi H

    Can we just take a vote to not have her on Celeb baby anymore?

    So tired of hearing/seeing this woman!

  • SANY

    she looks terrible- more like forty-six.

  • rachel s

    eww, hate her new hair style.

  • Anonymous

    i love how she compliments him with a side jab, “more or less” can you leave it completely civil between them and keep it private

  • Anonymous

    She can’t be nice without letting her true colors shows throw; the woman has a nasty personality. She can never say anything nice without a side jab in her compliments, she did it on Dancing with the Stars and she done it in old episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8 were she just laughs it off so it doesn’t surprise me that she doing it now.

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