Christina Aguilera: Max “Has His Mama’s Lungs”

She may be spending a lot of her time mentoring aspiring artists on NBC’s reality hit, The Voice, but for pop diva Christina Aguilera, it’s great that her 3-year-old son Max gets to see his mama hard at work.

“It’s important for my son to see the hard work that goes into supporting my family and all that I do, and to inspire him to be a hard worker as well,” she tells Extra‘s Mario Lopez.

And it seems as though her coaching techniques have inspired more than just the four remaining members of Team Christina. Max has also tried to get a few pointers from his famous mother.

“The other day I was putting him to bed, and he looked at me and said, ‘Mama, will you teach me to sing?'” says Aguilera. “It was so cute. I’m like, ‘You already have it in there Maxie, all you have to do is sing out loud, it’ll come natural.'”

With musical genes from both mom and dad Jordan Bratman, we’re sure that it will, and according to Christina, “He definitely has his mama’s lungs, he can scream.”

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  • Anonymous

    Love how she is always saying she puts him to bed while she goes out and parties and drinks it up with Matt Rutler, just read the new US Weekly she is really making it seem like Jordan was a terrible person towards her and how Matt is so sincere and positive and laid back. Funny she said those things too about Jordan Bratman when they got together, honestly I think she got bored with Jordan she obviously cheated but she won’t admit her faults. One day Matt is going to break her heart and lets see if she is still at the happiest place in her life. I predict Jordan will remarry first but I feel he needed someone to stick up for him past her fakeness and lies.

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