Rachel Zoe Shops With Skyler

Super stylish mama Rachel Zoe put her expertise to good use yesterday, picking out a few fashionable items for her 2-month-old son Skyler during a trip to Petit Tresor baby boutique in Los Angeles, California (June 7).

Dressed down in jeans and a white top, Rachel was spotted cooing over her sweet son, who stayed tucked in his stroller while mom shopped.

Over the weekend Rachel joined a few other famous moms, including Courteney Cox, Jennifer Meyer and Nicole Richie, at Kate Hudson’s fun-filled baby shower in Malibu.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    When I look at her in terms of her clothing choices and overall appearance, I can’t believe she is a stylist and actually makes $$$ giving others advice in this area. She’s definitely not a credible advertisement for her business.

    • scooter

      your comment made me laugh out loud. she is nutzo for vintage and most of the time I don’t get her either.

    • Tara

      Rachel Zoe’s like ability aside, have you seen how most so called designers dress in their casual time? They look like homeless individuals. From Donna Karan to Galliano when they are not on the clock you would assume they were vagrants. She obviously knows what she is doing or else fashion stalwarts like Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour would not be going to her to ask her to pre screen their seasonal collections.

      The reason she is a fan of vintage has to do with supporting the original American and European dressmakers. Today EVERYTHING is subcontracted out to China or India and the sub par quality of craftsmanship is obvious.

      I do agree about sunglasses inside but admit I have done it myself when I am looking less than human;)

      • Scooter

        Well, I didn’t mean there was anything wrong with her being crazy about vintage. I watch her show and so I know she loves it. Vintage can be very cool and I think she does a great job at styling celebrities. I’m not crazy about her personal style is all. I think both her and Roger over accessorize. And you are right about designers. Some of them dress horrible even on the clock, but they create beautiful masterpieces for the runway. I meant no harm or disrespect to Zoe. If you knew me you’d know I make fun of my own wardrobe.

        Wearing sunglasses indoors is silly. Yes. Maybe she just arrived at store and hadn’t removed them yet?

        • Tara

          Oh of course not. I did not think you were attacking her personally. I was just stating that most in fashion are quirky and the average consumer does not get their aesthetic. I worked in it for years and still cannot get my head around most of the creations;)

  • Janna

    I will never, ever understand wearing sunglasses inside a store.

  • Carrie

    @Janna… I agree… I mean really??!

  • Anonymous

    Rachel wanted a baby, and so did her husband, I am so happy she has one now. She looks so happy. And proud to be a mommy.

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