Bear Grylls’ Boys Are Following Dad’s ‘Wild’ Footsteps

He may have braved the wilderness for days with nothing but the shirt on his back, but even Man vs. Wild‘s Bear Grylls finds it difficult to survive parenthood; especially with kids that share their dad’s adventurous spirit.

“They’re crazy about all of this stuff and I’m always trying to play it down for them,” Grylls tells Access Hollywood of his sons Jesse, 7, Marmaduke, 5, and Huckleberry, 2.

And though he’s more than happy to teach his boys all the survival tips he’s learned over the years, Bear admits there are times when he has to be reminded to cover the basics.

“I mean, their teacher rang me up the other day and said, ‘It’s all very well and good your five-year-old knowing how to take a helicopter door apart, but you’ve got to concentrate more on mathematics,” says the reality star.

Currently, Grylls is gearing up for more Man vs. Wild. He recently shot an episode featuring actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Though he can’t reveal the location, Bear assures fans that it was quite the adventure.

“We were both stretched to our limit, there’s no doubt,” he laughed.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Happy To Go There

    Seriously? Marmaduke? Huckleberry? Now that’s just plain mean!

  • JJ

    I just saw Bear Grylls playing the piano in the Portland (OR) airport. No one else seemed to notice him. It was definitely him (face, body, accent, even the same shoes as what is pictured in the photo accompanying this blog post). Pretty cool to run into him on a mellow airport afternoon.

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