January Jones Gets Groceries

Mom-to-be January Jones was seen picking up a few groceries and some fresh flowers at Whole Foods in West Hollywood on Thursday (June 9). Before hitting the store, the X-Men: First Class star was spotted heading into to her prenatal yoga class carrying a yoga mat and water bottle.

The 33-year-old actress has been keeping fit during her first pregnancy. The Mad Men star was just spotted at yoga class earlier this week.

While the blonde beauty is remaining mum, reports that X-Men director Matthew Vaughn is the father of her unborn child are making headlines. The husband of Claudia Schiffer is saying the claims are an “absolute lie.”

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Photo credit: Fame / Bauer Griffin / GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    She should probably cover up that camel toe

  2. Anonymous

    That is pretty funny, first anon! Btw, does January ever smile? Or, is she trying to pull a Victoria Beckam?

  3. Anonymous

    There are plenty of celebs, eg Alyson Hannigan and Selma Blair, who smile as their pix are being taken. They aren’t posing. They’re walking down the street, walking their dogs, holding their babies, etc.. These pix of January are not being taken “unbeknownst to her”. She’s looking straight at the camera in the first two pix (and also in other pix/other days as well) I’m not referring to anyone smiling to him/herself when no one’s taking their picture. That being said, yeah, I do
    sometimes smile to myself when I’m just walking around, minding my own business. I think about my daughter. THERE’S a reason to smile .

  4. Anonymous

    In all fairness to camel toe; sometimes the paparazzi are far away with long lenses and they can’t see them. Have you ever watched video of the celebrities while they are being ambushed? The paparazzi hound them with the dumbest, annoying questions. I think a lot of times they are irritated. I don’t smile when I’m irritated.

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