Pregnant Selma Blair Adopts!

This is one lucky dog! Selma Blair was seen leaving the Lange Foundation in Los Angeles, Calif. with a new four-legged friend on Thursday (June 9). I wonder if she’s picked out a name yet?

Selma also has another adopted dog from the non-profit shelter, a one-eyed Jack Russell mutt that she named Wink. The actress has been known to volunteer at the shelter in her spare time.

The 38-year-old Portlandia star is expecting her first child soon with boyfriend Jason Bleick.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • klutzy_girl

    Awww! That dog is so adorable! I love him.

  • Elizabeth

    Awwww, pet adoption is the BEST way to go! Go Selma! All of our pets are from the Humane Society, and they are so happy, except for my old boy kitty who is on Prozac for his mood swings. Whatta you do tho?

  • Elizabeth

    I even called the police on a man I heard at a bar saying he was going to go home and shoot his golden retriever in the head because she wasn’t a guard dog. Luckily, she was rescued by Golden Bond of Oregon and placed with a loving family. People with half a brain should know that goldens are not guard dogs, our boy would help you out with the tv for a treat and belly rub.

  • Anonymous

    Wink passed away.

  • Nina D.

    What a cute dog! And I LOVE Selma’s sandals!

  • scooter

    I love her entire outfit including cute sandals. Her dog Wink did pass away earlier this year and she wasn’t a jack russell, she was an adorable one eyed Shiba Inu.

  • Amy

    Lange Foundation is fantastic – I looked for cats there and found the facility to be so gentle and accommodating with their animals. Wonderful to see celebrities supporting such a great place!

  • carolyn Robertson

    She always looks amazing!

  • Ondine

    Isn’t she going to be a little busy training a puppy w/ a newborn expected very soon? I would think that would be the worst time to adopt an animal.

  • Anonymous

    Ondine I thought the same thing! I have a friend who got a puppy 2 weeks before she gave birth to her first child…it didn’t go very well! Talk about stressful. But Selma’s dog doesn’t appear to be a puppy…so hopefully she is all good:)

  • Anonymous

    I would think days before you’re about to give birth probably isn’t the best time to adopt a puppy, who will need your love and attention. But what do I know.

  • Lola

    Poor doggy will need to adjust to a new home and suddenly there’ll be a screaming little person who draws away all his owners’ attentions. Even established pets have trouble adjusting to babies and I have a few friends who had to get rid of their dogs because the pets didn’t react well to all the noise and new activity. Blair though is in nesting mode so she’s probably not thinking about whether the dog will like the baby. She just wants what she wants.

  • scooter

    Selma volunteers at Lange Foundation and has for years. She walks dogs and bathes them to help support Lange and bring awareness. I read the ORIGINAL article and she stated she was volunteering that day. Not adopting. She was pictured with a couple of different dogs. You know how the internet is.. they run with the best headline grabber for the photo. I think she’s awesome and hopefully someone adopted those dogs because she brought attention to them.

  • Anonymous

    Sheesh! I made the mistake of getting a puppy when I was was the hormones! We love our sweet dog, but she doesn’t get the attention she always wants so she acts out quite a bit. I am killing myself trying to make sure she is walked twice a day and also take care of a new baby. Hope she has better luck then I am having!! lol

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