Victoria Beckham: “Maternity Leave? What’s That?”

Mom to three boys – Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6 – Victoria Beckham is set to welcome her fourth child in the coming weeks. But don’t expect the Posh mama to let her newborn daughter slow her down.

Maternity leave? What’s that?” the singer-turned-fashion designer tells UK’s Glamour magazine. “I’ve been working incredibly hard so I’m prepared for next season,” she adds. “Being a working mum is hard. I think women can relate to me when I say it’s like juggling glass balls.”

The 37-year-old celeb mom goes on to say that family always comes first, but she also loves to work.

“My husband and children will always be my priority,” Vicki said. “But for me, what I do professionally doesn’t feel like a job – it’s my passion.”

Reports state that Victoria and her husband, football hunk David Beckham, are set to welcome their daughter via scheduled C-section on the Fourth of July.

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  1. Anonymous

    Serious question: What does she do? I wasn’t aware she had a job after the spice girls.

  2. Anonymous

    i honestly don’t care what choices people make for their lives, nor do i envy the wealthier among us. what does bug me, however, is when the privileged attempt to identify with the masses. posh is not the typical working mother. she and her husband have earned their perks. posh is right when she says that maternity leave, as the typical working mother experiences it, is not in her vocabulary. she is blessed to decide when she wants to work and how her children are cared for while she’s doing so. i really wish celebrity moms would stop acting as though they understand what life is like for the average woman. it’s patronizing and just plain stupid.

  3. Anonymous

    What is a maternity leave? It’s the thing that mothers (or fathers) take to bond with their child. People with a real work of course. When you can’t afford one nanny for each child.

    Nobody relate to you, Vicky, Luv.

  4. Anonymous

    Indeed what exactly does she know about it. She has the choice of whether to work or not. She is her own boss. A lot of moms I know work for financial reasons and would love to be able to stay at home with their kids at least for the first few years. The Beckhams have live in nannies, unlike most ordinary working moms who, once they finish work then have to pick up their kids from day care and their working day doesn’t end until the little ones are asleep – if they’re lucky. I too get fed up with the celebrity working mom banging on about how hard it is.

  5. Cabos

    Like all of you here, i’m annoyed by Victoria’s naive comments. No, i don’t think women relate to her, unless they also live in a multi million dollar home, married to a man who earns millions just for kicking a ball once in a while and poses half naked for Giorgio Armani ads etc. It’s ridiculous and annoying when celebrities try to make us feel as if they’re like us. We’re not stupid and i feel insulted by her comments.

  6. Tara

    Isn’t it a case of damned if she does damned if she doesn’t. No the average person cannot relate to her, but is it her fault and should she feel guilty about what she earned? Yes it’s silly for one with her advantages to try to complain about working after the baby is born. But then again if she sat there and talked about all the extravagant things she was going to do you would jump on her for that. Personally I am not a fan either way but I do think the scrutiny she is under is rather unfair.

  7. Tina

    You are all so jealous, except @ tara @lakesha.

    Go back to your bitter lives and jobs at walmart. Pathetic losers!

  8. Anonymous

    @ Anon and Anonymous about cabos…
    You both need to back up off cabos, if there is one place somebody should be able to let down the hair, so to speak, the internet should be one of those places! I bet your texts on your cell phones or other communication devices are not up to grade in grammer or puncuation, not to mention spelling. Gracious, give a person a break, cabos is simply sharing a personal thought, he/she did not ask you to agree or disagree! Give it a rest oh Bitter Ones’! By the way, were we not discussing Victoria B? How did you get off on that poor teacher? Not to mention, WHO has the time to keep up with one individuals comments? Sounds to me as if YOU both are the one’s with a LOT of time on your hands, unemployment maybe? Perhaps YOU should make a stop at the desk in Walmart. (No offence to Walmart workers, my dad is one, as well as my best friend… both very smart, well educated people, just hard times.) (PS- Any grammer, spelling, or punctuation errors are simply for your personal irritation. Thank you.)

  9. Anonymous

    She is working, she wants to progress and to do what she likes. And yes, it is a real job, and no she can’t leave when she wants, because there are people relying on her. And the fact that they have money has nothing to do with that. It’s not about the money, it’s about personal development.

  10. Anonymous

    Before she had the boys and was with the Spice Girls, she and the other girls worked all day and had performances everyday or had to record cd’s. They almost never had one day off, I think every one here has 9-5 jobs and free in the weekends, they didn’t. So I guess Vic knows what working is. Now that she has the boys it would be impossible to still do that, she is a designer now, and I don’t know if y’all noticed but Victoria flies to London at least once a month because that’s where her office is. So yes she doesn’t work that much anymore but when she does she has to miss her family for a few days.
    And of course no-one can relate to HER, but if you can read she didn’t say ”oh every mum can relate to me cuz I’m rich”, she said mums can relate to me when I say being a working mum is hard. She’s just lucky her and David make millions.

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