Jennifer Lopez & Her Private Jet Setters

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez was seen landing in London on a private jet with her 3-year-old twins Max and Emme on Thursday (June 9). Along for the trip was Jen’s mom Guadalupe and the nanny.

J.Lo ensured she looked fabulous leaving the private aircraft, wearing a snug nude maxi dress and sky-high Louboutins. The actress/singer/TV host recently said hubby Marc Anthony loves her fab body. “Marc loves my curves, but I wouldn’t say he gets me to eat more. But he likes it when I feel good about myself.”

The mom-of-two is in town to appear at this weekend’s Summertime Ball, set to take place at Wembley Stadium on Sunday. This will be Jen’s first performance in the UK since she began her role on American Idol.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Who dresses like that on continental flight? She must of realized there’d be papz there when she got off…

    • Janna

      Maybe she wasn’t dressed like that when she boarded the plane, but got dressed and made up in the air?

    • Anonymous

      Many people, actually. I’ve seen them. I don’t get it, since I’d rather be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Guessing you’ve never actually been on a plane (and especially not on a private plate, which are obviously much more comfortable, and therefore it’s easier to wear anything a person wants).

  • karen millen outlet

    fab body. “Marc loves my curves, but I wouldn’t say he gets me to eat more. But he likes it when

  • Anonymous 2

    She looks great!

  • Anonymous

    She looks good but why is the help getting the kids off the jet she has two hands she can hold one/help one off the jet but I guess she needs to hold her drink.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what she’s paying them for. They are not on vacation, they are travelling with her to provide whatever help she needs. At least JLO doesn’t pretend that she’s Mother Earth.

    • Anonymous

      She´s JLO ahahah

    • Janna

      Maybe the reason is those shoes! Can you imagine her trying to carry a child down the plane stairs in them?! Wow!

  • Anonymous

    Her kids are so cute, and JLO looks wonderful!! her little boy looks like he gives them a run for there money LOL!!!

  • Anonymous

    Their a different between having nannies that help you and having nannies that do everything for you; she holding a drink what is so important about that, that she can’t help her kids off the jet. Helping and holding your kids, pushing their stroller or playing with them at the park or whatever is not pretending to be Mother Earth; it’s called being hands on.

    There are many celebrities that are photograph daily who I think do it for attention and never go to places were the paparazzi can’t take pictures of them, when many other celebrities who manage to avoided them for the most part. I Give them and the other celeb’s who are who keep the help at home or only have the help hold the bags credit because their nannies seem to be there to help them, not take over and do everthing for them.

    • LaKesha

      oh pipe down, it’s just a picture…how do you know the nanny didn’t say, “I’ve got her.”

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha love LaKesha comment

  • Destiny

    She has a ginger ale in one hand, stylish bag in the other hand, and she has to look good and relaxed so she seriously can’t be bothered to take care her of her kids. That’s why she needs at least two nannies. Quite simple isn’t it?

  • SMH

    There is no doubt JLO is a diva. But she is the “most beautiful women in the world” so she better take the crown and own it! lol

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