Report: Newly Married Lily Allen Is Pregnant!

Lily Allen married her boyfriend Sam Cooper in Gloucestershire, England on Saturday (June 11). But that’s not all! US Weekly reports that the singer is pregnant!

A source tells the mag, “It’s true. Sam announced it during his [wedding] speech. They are over the moon — this is the best possible news on the best day.”

According to News Of The World, she is 16 weeks pregnant. The couple have already seen a scan of the baby and is growing healthily.

Allen wore a custom gown designed by Dephine Manivet and carried a bouquet of white roses as she was escorted down the aisle by her father Keith.

It’s been a tough road for the Smile singer. Three years ago she suffered a miscarraige during her relationship with Ed Simons. And last November she lost her baby when she was six months pregnant.

She has said having children is “ultimately my main goal” in life.

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  1. Nina D.

    I thought she looked pregnant when I first saw wedding pics. I really hope she doesn’t miscarry, if this is true.

  2. Anonymous

    I am not a fan or anything but I have been so touched by her losses. I am wishing her a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

  3. Anonymous

    Pretty much every interview I’ve seen of her, she’s been an annoying b-word. But I have to say it breaks my heart that she’s had a miscarriage AND a stillborn. I really hope this pregnancy is different. Bless her heart.

  4. Lib

    I thought so too Nina! Very exciting, hopefully all will be well this time, they look so, so happy:) …and I adore her dress

  5. Anonymous

    She looks beautiful, so radiant and happy. I wish her all the best.

  6. Kathy

    I too know next to nothing about Lily but have been touched by her struggles to have a child. I pray that everything goes well this time and she delivers a beautiful healthy child.

  7. Kathy

    I too know next to nothing about Lily but have been touched by her struggles to have a child. I pray that everything goes well this time and she delivers a beautiful healthy child.

  8. Anonymous

    Interesting, knocked up twice in the past and pregnant again, yet she is dressed up as a virgin bride? Hypocrite much?

    Go ahead jump on me, but I had a child before I was married and I would never have the gall to pretend I was pure by wearing a white gown let alone a veil. Get some class girl.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? This is one of the most idiotic comments I’ve ever ready on this site and that is saying something.

    • Julita

      We are not living in 15th century. get over it

    • Anonymous

      Um… maybe she wanted to be a traditional bride and loved the look of the gown? And hey, guess what – it is HER wedding day and I am pretty sure she is allowed to wear whatever she wants.

      And do you honestly believe that Kate Middleton, who is the future Queen of England and wore snow white on her wedding day, was a virgin at 29 before marrying William? Trust love, the times have changed.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with the part about wearing a wedding dress and that mantilla veil. The mantilla symbolizes purity.. It is 2011 but come on have a bit of respect.
      I like her but think her dress was a bad call as well as rather unattractive.

    • Anonymous

      No one except you thinks a white dress means the bride is a virgin. Nearly all brides wear white, while nearly none are virgins. No one cares about the antiquated symbolism. Fathers still walk their daughters down the aisle and “give them away,” but I’m pretty sure no one actually believes the daughters are their fathers’ property.

    • Simone

      Really? You had a child out of wedlock and have the nerve to preach about morality and tradition. The nerve! It always amazes me what a slippery slope morality is. It’s always ok when we “sin” but not when others do. Be careful about promoting antiquated values–it wasn’t that long ago when people would have labelled your child a b*stard and called you a harlot.

    • Anonymous 23

      Not sure why everyone is jumping on someone for believing in respecting traditional values. While it may seem outdated, I think she has a point. The world has this “anything goes” mentality. If more people AT THE VERY LEAST held up to 1% of the sanctity of what is considered moral, we may not be as shocked as all of us seem to be that someone actually has the nerve to point out that Lily Allen is pushing it a bit. I wore white when I was not a virgin, but never would have if I was pregnant at the time of my marriage. To those who say white is a color of a dress you clearly have no concept what the origin of the white bridal gown symbolized. I give the poster credit for stating her obviously not “popular” opinion.

      • Simone

        maybe we should institute a color coding system for wedding dresses. white for virgins, red for non-virgins (varying shades that correspond to the number of men you’ve slept with), and black for women who have had children out of wedlock. this way everyone knows each other’s ‘sins’. heck, i don’t think the church should even allow non-virgins and women with children born out of wedlock to marry in the church bc let’s face it they’ve sinned and would only taint the church walls. as for the men, doesn’t matter. they brunt of immortality has and will always be on women’s shoulders.

      • Janna

        Maybe because the person preaching traditional values very clearly stated that she had a child before she was married. How “traditional values” is that?

  9. rachel s

    This is wonderful news. She must be overjoyed and also very guarded. I hope her doctors monitor this pregnancy VERY carefully so she can carry to term.

  10. klutzy_girl

    PEOPLE confirmed the pregnancy! Congratulations to Lily and Sam. I really hope everything goes well this time!

  11. Domino

    I’m not a fan either, I only like about two of her songs, but I have been touched also and I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for her. I will be so happy when she finally has this baby.

    Also, as for that last Anonymous, what year do you live in? If only virgins wore white in this time there would be no white weddings. It is only a tradition for the largest percentage of the population, it has nothing to do with virginity anymore.

    Who’s the ignorant one now.

  12. Anonymous

    Congratz. Hopefully she will definitely have this one!. She better not lose another, she deserves some happiness. I’m happy she hasn’t given up on anything and she’s so brave.

  13. Bey

    I don’t have any children but I can’t imagine suffering such a loss. I’m hoping they have a happy marriage and a perfect, healthy baby.

  14. SMH

    Lily can be as someone put it the B-word. But I think it’s more or less that she speaks her mind, is very open, somewhat blunt and many don’t appreciate that kind of demeanor in people.

    With that said, she’s wanted to be a mum for so long. I really hope she has a healthy pregnancy this time around.

  15. Sophia

    This is lovely news! It makes me a little nervous because of the babies she’s lost before, so I really hope this pregnancy has a happy ending. She definitely deserves it 🙂

  16. cmd

    So what if she’s had two pregnancies? What colour is a twice-pregnant-bride to wear on her wedding day? Purple and green polka dots?!

    I too am touched by her losses and wish her only the best. May this pregnancy be easy and healthy, and may it result in a beautiful and HEALTHY child!!! Oh, and congratulations on her wedding as well!

  17. Jodi

    TRADITION also says not to have a baby before wedlock, to save sex for marriage, not to wear white after labor day, not to have a baby shower before uour 7th month. There are so many more traditions in place as well. Do you follow all of them? Or is there a reason why this one (her wearing a white dress is so horrible?) And as far as wearing that veil being compared to blasphemy? The only thing I thought was blasphemy was renounce God. I’m a proud Christian and I believe in God 1000% that’s why I know wearing a veil you’re “not supposed to” is just as bad as ANY other sin because if you’ve read.his book you’ll see where it say’s all sin is equal. I usually keep quiet on here but I’ve seen some hateful things said in the name of God whether it be something silly like this or gay bashing against same sex parents. I’m sorry if this came off harsh or rude. My only intention was to vent. I’m not perfect..far from it but this post about Lily Allen was supossed to be a happy one! She’s had miscarriages and a stillborn and now she has a healthy baby inside her that God willing she gives birth too under happy circumstances. And I’m sure God loves this baby and Lily despite her veil and dress because he loves everyone. Gay, straight,black, white, married parents, unmarried parents, single moms and dads. He loves everyone. I know I’m coming off as a religious freak lmao and probably sound like i think I’m perfect and follow.Gods rules to a T but I know I screw up and sin all the time and I’m sorry for that and I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and this was mine and I’m sure I’m gonna hear what just what you thought about it lol. and again I’m sorry if I offended anyone. Also I’m sorry about how many times I used the word and. Also didn’t have a chance to read over and correct spelling mistakes since.I’m using my phone to write this. Anyways, my rant is officially over.

  18. Felicity

    Mantilla? Looks like the headpiece/veil was inspired by those worn during the 1920s to me. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what she is wearing as long as everything was exactly how she wanted it to be. She looks so lovely and happy. I wish her all the best for the future.

  19. Felicity

    Mantilla? Looks like the headpiece/veil was inspired by those worn during the 1920s to me. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what she is wearing as long as everything was exactly how she wanted it to be. She looks so lovely and happy. I wish her all the best for the future.

  20. ZaraB

    Congratulations to Lily – I’m so happy to read she’s pregnant again, and hope so much that she carries this baby to term. Having experienced several miscarriages and a stillbirth myself, I felt so devastated for her when I read about her previous losses. She looks absolutely glowing in her wedding photos, and is clearly a brave and strong young woman.

    I was appalled to read the comments about Lily wearing white at her wedding though. Seriously, this woman has found happiness after a very difficult couple of years, and all some people can comment on is the colour of her wedding gown?! What a bunch of idiotic and tragic women you are – take your puritan, sanctimonious (and classless!) attitudes back to the 16th century!!

  21. Courtney

    @annonymous not anymore it isn’t blasphamous to wear a Mantilla veil while pregnant and not all brides get married in white. Linda McCartney fr example got married in Beige and butter cream yellow when she married Paul March 12th 1969 while pregnant with their oldest child together Mary she also had a child with her Ex hushand John Melville See named Heather. may Lily have a healthy pregnancy this time

  22. Chloe

    It’s a stretch to call that a mantilla veil – looks like a regular long veil attached to a cloche-like headband. No embroidery along the edges.

    I’ve never heard that the mantilla nor the mantilla veil symbolize the Virgin Mary – a mantilla is a form of a head covering traditionally worn at church, a practice whose use has fallen away over time.

    Most blasphemous behaviour was traditionally punishable by death, probably a good stoning, a tad harsh, doncha think?

    She looks lovely, they both look happy.

  23. Anonymous

    Wow, I didn’t know that the mantilla veil was such a big deal! It’s funny because it’s a very popular choice in weddings today. I myself wore one because I thought it looked pretty! I sure as hell wasn’t a virgin at the time.
    Lily has every right to where whatever the hell she wants on her wedding day. She probably doesn’t share the same religion as you crazy “blasphemous” kooks! Fact is, different people have different belief systems…don’t judge others for not following yours! This is just rediculous!
    I truly hope she has a wonderful and successful pregnancy and wish her all the happiness in the world with her new husband and baby!

  24. Tazina

    The talk about how scandalous she is wearing white seems odd to me, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I could care less what she wears since there are practically zero virgin brides anymore and they’re all wearing white so what’s the big deal. As for the pregnancy, I wish her the best. She could perhaps look into surrogacy if all else fails.

  25. Anonymous

    She seems so desperate to me. How many broken relationships and pregnancies has she had in the last few years?
    Very low-rent.

    This relationship will never last.

  26. Lou x

    I’m so happy for Lily and Sam, after everything they’ve been through together I’m glad they have stayed strong and together.
    Best of luck to them, i look forward to seeing pics of her little one 🙂

    ps…i love the dress, she looks totally stunning! x

  27. NMA

    For all those saying how dare she wear a white dress at her wedding since she is pregnant:
    1) who is to say what someone should or should not wear. She is an adult who paid for her wedding. Shoe could get married in clown makeup and a big red nose, it is not any of our businesses what anyone chooses to wear for their wedding
    2) this wedding has been planned for a while and she most likely had her dress made long before she found out she was pregnant. Should she scrap her dress just because she is pregnant?

    I am really happy to hear that she is pregnant again. As a woman who has had 2 miscarriages ( though never had to experience the horror of a stillborn) I know that this has to be a very welcome rainbow at the end of a thunderstorm. I wish her nothing but a healthy and happy remaining of her pregnancy.

  28. Anonymous

    yeah that’s not a mantilla….the lace on a mantilla usually goes all the way down on the sides too look it up on google. People need to stop being so harsh, at least she’s getting married and the baby will be in a loving environment!

  29. Anonymous

    I pray that she won’t lose this baby. It’s such a heartbreak to read about her miscarriages over and over again.

  30. Anonymous

    She is so courageous to try again for a baby. I really admire her for that. She has my prayers and best wishes.

  31. Audrey

    Just did a little curious research and white was not originally intended to mean purity but blue was. I had been told this once years ago when someone pointed out that most of the brides from the late 1800s/early 1900s in the midwest were wearing what looked like extremely servicable black costumes, their Sunday best.

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