Angelina Jolie’s Ladybug Boy!

The Jolie-Pitt clan is across the puddle again! Busy mama Angelina Jolie was spotted with all six of her kids – Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and 2-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – in Malta on Wednesday (June 15). The Academy Award-winning actress and her brood were seen leaving Junior’s Fun and Learn Centre. The children seemed to be in good spirits as they left carrying new toys.

Knox – who is set to turn 3 next month – was decked out in a red ladybug outfit while dragging a toy Barney with him. Twin sis Vivienne looked like a princess in a pink tulle dress with a matching purse.

Of course, big sis Shiloh is well known for her tomboy outfits. Could Knox be the latest celeb tot to cause a stir with his outfits?

Sources say the family-of-eight went to the Splash and Fun Park on Tuesday.

“She didn’t go in the water. She was walking around basically taking care of her kids,” says a source who spotted Angie. “And they were running around. They were well behaved, running around and they were having fun.”

On Saturday, Angie and partner Brad Pitt flew the whole crew to Malta, where the actor is filming his latest film World War Z.

Here’s wishing Brad – one of our favorite celebrity dads – a very Happy Father’s Day on Sunday!

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Lioness

    Here we go. Turd headline, CBS…

  • Anonymous

    Celebitchy sucks! I will never visit that site again. Thank goodness for freedom of speech in this country. God forbid you speak your mind freely without cussing but pointing out the bloggers racist mishap you get omitted. What’s the point of gossiping. Hiprocrit!

  • Anonymous

    oh please too much drama…Bugs are girls and boys..

  • Fiona

    Oh for Pete’s sake! He is TWO years old. Gender-bender clothing? What a foolish article.

    What is your problem with a two year old dressing up? Or Shiloh expressing herself and not conforming like a sheep to the society’s standards of what a male or female should dress like. Good for the Jolie-Pitt’s for letting the childrens’ personalities shine through.

    Looks like Schafer needs to learn how to write a non-biased article…

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree

  • Anonymous

    So they dress up Shiloh to look like a boy and dress up Knox to look like a girl.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Cut his hair if you want him to look like a boy.

  • Camila

    “Angelina Jolie’s Ladybug Boy: The New Shiloh?”
    Is this really necessary? Remember that they’re ONLY CHILDREN!

  • Anonymous

    What a stupid/ idiot etc article.

  • Sophia

    Oh come on! CBS, you’re practically asking for the argument to get started! He’s clearly playing dress-ups, but even if that was his everyday outfit of choice, who cares? I think it’s great that Angelina and Brad allow their children to express themselves how they want to, and it’s really dumb when the media blows it up into a big thing, which it really isn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Knox is Angelina’s mine me and seems to be mum’s boy.Vivienne and Shiloh look more like Brad. Angelina and Brad have the cutest kids evver

  • Anonymous

    Knox is Angelina’s mini me and seems to be mum’s boy.Vivienne and Shiloh look more like Brad. Angelina and Brad have the cutest kids ever

  • Anonymous

    cute kids,happy family,knox has his shorts under the costume.i think is best i donot come to this site anymore because i cannot stand racist idiots.The headline is really dumb

  • Anonymous

    what are you guys talking about? did something get changed, because i dont see anything wrong with this article?? lighten up people…

    • Anonymous 2

      It looks like an extension of the title “The New Shiloh?” was taken out. But honestly, even with that in I don’t find it too controversial or bad. I am glad that everyone is trying to protect him (as opposed to insulting Angelina), but I don’t think the response was necessary. The commenters here can be pretty reactionary sometimes.

  • SMH

    I agree the headline with a question mark is asking for it.

    Angie and Brad have already been very open about Shiloh’s clothing choice. I think it’s very adult of them to allow their children even as young as 2 yrs old to express thmselves. There is nothing wrong with Knox wanting to play dress up and not uncommon for him to want to wear girly things. If it’s okay for Shiloh to be a cute tomboy then why can’t Knox be a cute ‘tomgirl’.

  • Patty

    What a disgusting and asinine article. This is a 2 year old baby for crying out loud. He is dressed as a ladybug…big deal. This nitpicking over every thing Jolie-Pitt has gotten out of control. I don’t recall this much outrage when Gwen was getting pedicure and Kingston got his toenails painted red.

  • Anonymous

    My boy/girl twins were born one day after Knox and Vivienne, and when my girl likes to dress up, sometimes my boy wants to as well. He was a fairy once (kinda wore a skirt thing like Knox in this picture.) It was all for fun. He is definitely a boy though, likes his race cars, and trucks. But sometimes having fun with your sister is not gunna kill you (if you play something or wear something of the opposite sex).

    If a boy was dressing in girly clothes when he 8 then maybe I’d be concerned. (i’d love him the same, but question his sexuality.) Let kids dress how they want as long as they are having fun and its not inappropriate!

  • Anonymous

    For the love of God!!! They are children! There is nothing wrong with playing dress up. Why do we have to something into it. I think it is great that Brad and Angelina let the kids be kids.

  • Cabos

    What a stupid headline, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous6:00pm@ Please I’ve work at a daycare and have seen kids wearing mix gender costumes all the time. A boy who is 5 wearing butterfly wing on a dress up day because his older sister 7 was wearing them he never worn anything girly before and we had girls wear batman, Spiderman and dinosaurs costumes just to name a couple and these are girls that are not tomboys they just like to explore and becoming different characters like all the other kids.

    So until we see him wear girl clothes and waer them all the time people should hold their judgment and comments like they dress up Knox to look like a girl.

  • Tazina

    I do not like Celebitchy. I disagreed with a comment on there from Kaiser who runs the thing, and he threw me off. It is a very hypocritcal web site. They want you to complain, yet you have to watch what you say about his comments or you’re banned. My comment wasn’t even all that much but he didn’t like being criticized. So he can dish it out but he certainly can’t take it.

    • Anonymous

      Kaiser is a woman,and i don’t think she’ll remove your comment just because she doesn’t agree with you,since she’s pretty open-minded and doesn’t mind taking flack from others…at the same time it’s your right not to visit their site but i don’t think you’ll be missed.

      The kids look amazing

      • Persistent Cat

        Kaiser is pretty famous for censoring her site. I’ve had many posts removed and non were offensive or mean, they just questioned what she wrote. The last straw for me was her post on how hot she thought Julian Assange was. The comments got heated and she was defending his freedom of speech. I simply wrote that I thought better of the site and can’t really find a man hot who is wanted on sexual assault charges (warranted or not, I find it icky) and she removed my post. Freedom of speech as long as you agree with her.

  • Anonymous

    He’s cute. Knox looks like Angelina. Vivienne is adorable, a little fairy

  • Jazmine

    Anonymous7:52@ My twins are 5 and they’re the same way my daughter has these fairy wings and when she has them on my son want to wear them too and they pretend that they can fly, and if my son is playing superhero he’s superman and my daughter pretend to be batman or batgirl depending on her mood. I have two older kids that are close in age and when they were little they played the same way my twins played and their both fine my son is now 12 and plays soccer and has a crush on that girl from iCarly.

  • Anonymous

    I very much agree with the negative comments here about three sure celebitchy, and in particular the poster named Kaiser. I stopped visiting the site a year ago and will never go back. I am glad to great of others boycotting it as well I agree that it is hypocritical, Kaiser in particular, and far too sensitive to critical comments from its own readers!

  • Anonymous

    I very much agree with the negative comments here about three sure celebitchy, and in particular the poster named Kaiser. I stopped visiting the site a year ago and will never go back. I am glad to great of others boycotting it as well I agree that it is hypocritical, Kaiser in particular, and far too sensitive to critical comments from its own readers!

    • Anonymous

      if you don’t like Kaiser,just stop visiting her site,it’s that easy,please stop whining about it,this is celebrity baby scoop,we heard you the first time,chill posted 3 or 4 times about it,we heard you the first time,i’m pretty sure that Kaiser is not crying about it.

  • Anonymous

    if you look at the pic closely you will see that under the dress up clothes he has on boy clothes so there

  • Anonymous

    Where’s Zahara’s toy?

  • Anonymous

    chill out people kids don’t really gain a sense of gender norms till around 4!

  • Anonymous

    They are kids so we should be careful but their parents want them to be talked about so they do all these controversial things, they are growing his hair and dressing him like a lady bug complete with a tutu, this is Ange, I don’t think itis a coincidence, after all she has the LV campaign to promote. The Shiloh thing is old nad is no longer getting attention, so it is time to pimp poor Knox.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t even know they’re being photographed — none of them are looking up anywhere near where the photographer is perched, which looks like it’s on a wall or somewhere high. How could they purposely orchestrate a controversy when they didn’t know the photographer would be there? (If they did know he was there and wanted controversy/attention, why wouldn’t they arrange for him to get better shots? Say, invite him down off the wall so he can take pictures at eye level?)

      By the way, a two year old dressing up is generally not considered controversial.

    • Anonymous

      WTF oh yeah because seeing her 2yo dressed as a ladybug is going to get me to buy a $3000 LV purse GMAB. The person who came up with the title is trifling IMO. Beautiful family who care less about the naysayers. I want to thank Angie/UN for going to Turkey to visit Syrian refugees .

  • popsykl

    Beautiful kids….lovely to see them just being kids with mum

  • Yakasuri

    I like how Zee looks like she always wants to look after the twins like a big sister (like in New Orleans) helping mum holding their hands.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Knox is dressed up as a ladybug like the one on A Bug’s Life? He was a boy (not that it matters), and definitely one of my favourite characters when I was a child.

  • Ashley

    These pictures are so cute! There’s nothing wrong with a little boy dressing up like a lady bug, just as there’s nothing wrong with a little girl wearing boy’s clothes.

    It’s repulsive to pick on children, whether they are 3 or 13. No wonder there are so many people with issues out there…geez. I was bullied about my weight as a child and deal with self esteem issues to this day as a grown woman. Calling a child genderbending or whatever this young is ridiculous.

    And what the heck is wrong with little boys having long hair? I remember people used to gripe about Celine Dion’s oldest son’s hair, about Kate Hudson’s son’s hair…and today, about Michael Jackson’s youngest’s hair, even though it’s been explained that he keeps it long in tribute to his dad.

    Stop questioning every little thing these kids wear or do. They’re children, for goodness sakes. Let them enjoy life and be kids while there is still some innocence in their lives, because it seems kids start growing up much too fast these days. Let them be kids as long as they can.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 3:56am@ first off get life promote ad’s is that the best you can come up with really, you just sound stupid and secondly Celine Dion son, Kate Hudson son, Blanket Jackson and Heidi Klum son Johan just to name a couple all have had or still have long hair and they are all older than Knox. I myself don’t like long hair on boys or man but it’s no big deal I see little boys, teen age boys and men with long hair all the time. His dad has had long hair at different times over the curse of 24 years and what about all the other celebrity man with long hair does it makes them girly and attention seekers or is it just Knox that you see a problem? As for his costume he wearing the same shorts and gray t-shirts he wore going in, he’s NOT wearing a leotard with the Ladybug costume nor did they take off his shorts.

    The whole “poor Knox “ comment you can’t keep it because let’s face it you don’t give two cents about Knox Jolie-Pitt so stop with the fake sympathy as another excuse to bash his mom.

  • Cláudia.

    Come on, Knox is a little man, look at him, he’s so beautiful and adorable, he looks like a mini-Brad Pitt. I’m pretty sure that when he have 12 years old, he’s gonna be a heartbreaker, belive in me. I love that little guy, he looks so inteligent and peaceful. I think he’s really cute in this ladybug costume. Btw, why people never talk about Zahara? She’s so beautiful and responsible, I love her elegant posture. Everybody should be nice with they. For God’s sick, they’re just kids and they’ve so much time to learn things and for listening bad commentaries, now, they’ve just have fun a lot every day. Brad have said sometime that Knox loves playing with cars, it’s a girl thing? Yes, can be a girl thing, when Paris Jackson is a little girl, she plays with cars with Prince, and look at her now, nothing is wrong with Paris, she’s such a beautiful teenager, and I’m pretty sure that have so many boys around her. Kingston Rossdale and Max Bratman have they nails done, actually with strong colors like orange and yellow, what’s the big deal? And all the people think that is wrong Shiloh wearing boy’s clothes, not isn’t wrong, it’s really normal, take a look at Savannah Mahoney and Daisy True Ryan’s styles, they’re a little bit tomboys, but they hair is much longer than Shiloh’s hair.
    Btw, Jolie-Pitt kids have a strong personality.

  • Nina Mike

    There are problems in you, that u can make go away. And problems u cant. U can change your mind and peoples minds. But: u cant change your heart. So, imagine u are living in a body, that makes u unhappy. Very. very unhappy. Your eyes never smile. U hate everything around u, but most of all, the people around u. People like u and me. Who are born the same way but are living in a body, who makes the smile, makes them sing and makes them dance. Please tell me how, in hell, u will make this problme go away. How to learn to smile. U hate these people and their world. U are a person, who is 2 persons: 1 in the heart and 1 in the body. But: who is the true one? The person in the body or in the heart? Whom u should follow? The body, the mind and the mind of the society are things which u can change. But the heart not. Never. So, which voice must be listened: the hearts or that of your mind? I think u are what ur heart is and not ur mind. because mind is changeable. Heart is not changeable. Please, dont be God. We already have one. Up there. Leaveit to Him. And dont worry for these kids. God knows what he does. If they are happy, i dont see any problem. the only problem is the hate i lived with so many years. The feeling ur life is pointless. The feeling u have nothing to give to this world. The feeling u hate everything, but most uf all yourself. I think these kids are blessed. I wonder how people cant see the sadness in some eyes or just ignore it and dance and sing near to this sadness that brakes your heart. Amen.

  • Nina Mike

    P.S. Just let her be herself. If u dont know what it is like, i mean if that never happened to u, dont talk about it. I know, cause im 1 of them, im Shiloh. And i am not mad. And i dont feel ill. Do u understand? Or i should repeat it. Leave them alone! You own yourself? Great! U are blessed! So i suggest u let other people enjoy this joy too, that u had from birth. For u its normal to have it? But some people must fight to have it. Try to walk a mile in others peoples shoes before you hate them, think more than 1 second before u open ur mouth and u will see how easy it is to be more tollerant, to understand the unimaginable problems that u never had and i hope u will never have in your family, cause it will be a sad day for u, bvelieve me. feel blessed and be happy that u own yourself. its the biggest freedom ever possible. Believe me, i went thorough the hell, so i came back to tell u the truth.

  • Daddy Wore A Skirt

    Brad wore a skirt AND had long hair for an entire movie- Troy- and got paid millions to do so. I don’t think clothes & hair dos are “policed” in the Jolie-Pitt household. Despite this, any & all legitimate reports say that these kids are happy and well-behaved- AMAZING!!

  • Anonymous

    Knox-pure Angelina. He looks just like his mom.

  • Banjo

    Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my questions are asnwered!

  • Alexavia

    AFAIC that’s the best ansewr so far!

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