Sarah Jessica Parker & James: Fun On The School Run

Yippee – it’s the last day of school!

Sarah Jessica Parker and son James Wilke seemed positively giddy as they walked to school for the final day before the start of summer vacation. The two ran, jumped and skipped and at one point Sarah stopped to take a picture of her son on her phone.

Next up for the Sex And The City actress is the comedy I Don’t Know How She Does It. In the movie, based on the book by the same name, Sarah plays Boston hedge fund manager Kate Reddy who has her hands full as a mother of two young children and is trying to juggle work and motherhood. Sounds like something Sarah is probably all too familiar with!

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Once again, this kid looks like he’s dressed in his boxers. Someone, anyone, buy him some new clothes!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    He is adorable and dresses FINE! If he was always dressed in expensive clothes you people would still have a problem with it. He is a kid…. My daughter wore mismatched flip flops to school today…who really cares?

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