No More Kids For The First Family

Call it Decision 2011; President Barack Obama says that he and wife, Michelle, are done having children.

In an interview with Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts, the president opens up about fatherhood, the upside of being the Head of State during his daughters’ pre-teen years, and why a son is one thing that’s not in the family’s future.

What dad wouldn’t want his daughters followed around by Secret Service agents as they start thinking about entering the dating world?

That’s just one of the perks of being Commander-in-Chief that the president is enjoying, but when it comes to the notion of Malia, 12, and Sasha, 10, having a little brother (or sister), President Obama admits that he’s not the one calling the shots.

“You know, you act as if this is a decision of mine. This really isn’t,” he tells Roberts. “As Michelle points out, I did not carry 10 pounds in my belly.

“I think Michelle’s general view is, we’re done.”

As Father’s Day draws near, the president reflects on being a dad and parenting with “a combination of complete and total affection and devotion to that child;” principles that he learned from his mother and grandmother, who raised him.

“You know, I can’t say I miss my father, because I just didn’t know him,” Obama said of his own dad, who was absent for most of his life. “And so, I don’t have enough of an emotional bond there to miss him. I profoundly miss my grandfather. You know, I profoundly miss my mom. And my grandmother.”

Visit Good Morning America for more of the president’s interview, including his message to U.S. fathers here and serving abroad.

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I love their family!

Carolyn Robertson

Such a cute family! He seems to have a great relationship with his girls.


I do too.


i wonder if he would LIKE to have a son though


I hear the ring of truth in everything he says here. I also love this family.