Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka: Father’s Day With The Twins

Proud dads Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka were spotted toting their adorable 8-month-old twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace as they went out for a Father’s Day dinner in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Sunday (June 19).

Neil recently joked about what he and David are doing to get a head-start on embarrassing their kids in the future.

The couple have started making a monthly calendar featuring their babies dressed in various outfits themed to different holidays – everything from leprechauns to bunnies.

“We do one a month,” Neil told David Letterman. “We’re doing a calendar so that when they’re older, we can humiliate them and embarrass them.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Annie Sunshine

    I want to eat them. All four of them, really.

    • Anonymous

      I know!! How sexy are Neil and David!

  • P!nk


  • Emma

    Wonderful family, all 4 are so adorable.

  • Lioness

    Great pics- eat your hearts out, gay family opponents 🙂

  • alaina

    Harper and Gideon are adorable.

  • Anonymous

    the grown men look good. the twins? they are already overweight and their heads are just so big! but most babies, toddlers and children are overweight in this country. not healthy. baby fat does not equal healthy nor cute.

    • spd

      babys that small can´t be overweight! they loose all ther baby fat when they start moving!

    • Anonymous

      They are completely normal. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Anonymous

      1 in 3 kids in this country is overweight in this country. That is too many, but no where near “most.” Also, have you ever seen a baby before? Their heads are supposed to be big compared to the rest of their bodies. Finally, babies are supposed to have baby fat- these kids look both cute and healthy to me. It’s very strange to post a comment with absolutely no basis in fact just to insult two babies.

  • spd

    A small baby can not be to fat -they loos their roundness when they start to move around. And babys who are “fat” are less likely to be overweight as adults

  • Clare

    I have a question – where is a diaper bag? They look so empty handed. It’s weird.

    • Anonymous

      David carries the diaper bag over his shoulder.

      They are so adorable, all of them!

    • Annie123

      Maybe they just went outside their appartement for a quick coffee…I don’t take a diaper bag for very short distances. Or maybe a nanny is following behind? But it doesn’t look like it.

  • Anonymous

    A beautiful family, they look happy and contented and the kids are gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    not all fat babies lose the fat. they do not. babies are getting bigger and bigger these days in america..and so ar toddlers and young children. clothing companies sells “x” sizes for girls and are now starting to make “H”, as in “husky” for boys. children in europe, where they are genetically and because the food is healthier, are not as fat and big. there was also a recent study that showed that 9-months old babies that are overweight, defined as 75th percentile and above, will likely be overweight later on as well.
    pretty gross and unhealthy. period.

    • Sujinah

      I don’t like being offensive but you can shut the hell up ?
      If you were right in front of me right now I think I would slap you. They are not fat, for god’s sake. They are just chubby, which is normal for their age. Most chubby babies end up healthy. As soon as they start crawling and walking, they will look “normal”. So please. Shut up. I don’t know if you have kids but if you do, I am very worried for them. They must be extremely underweight if you think those cute babies are fat.

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