Tom Cruise Enjoys Father’s Day In Florida

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, 5, treated Top Gun papa Tom Cruise to a yacht ride in Miami, Florida on Sunday (June 19). Despite the rain, the doting daddy seemed to enjoy his Father’s Day as he cuddled with his sweet girl.

The day before, we spotted Katie and Suri having some fun in the sun while Tom worked on his new film, Rock of Ages.

Tom is also dad to daughter Isabella, 18, and son Connor, 16, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News / Fame / / GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Of course he’s with her on Father’s Day. God forbid he spends Father’s Day with his other 2 kids.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing what they do with this kid. One minute she’s wearing heels on a beach and the next she’s being carried like a newborn with a blanket. Spoiled brat.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, she’s on a yacht. I’d say being barefoot and wrapped in a towel or blanket is approriate.

  • Jess

    Where are his other two children? It’s weird that they are not with him on Father’s day…Mmm…

  • Anonymous

    At least we see him with his older kids once in a while. I just saw photos of him with Connor a couple of weeks ago. Maybe they were busy with something in l.a. and couldn’t make it to Florida.

    • Jess

      Yeah, probably busy with their Scientology studies…

  • Anonymous

    Why would being wrapped up in a blanket be appropriate for being on a Yacht?? **rolling eyes**

  • Anonymous

    is tom wearing “heels”–the sole on those shoes look verythick.

  • Anonymous

    He loves his daughter, she’s five years old and maybe he just wants to cuddle her while he still can.

    I expect these types of comments as soon as I see a Tom/Katie/Suri photo but the nastiness still surprises me every time …

  • Anon

    Katie looks skeletal.

  • JennG

    With all their money you think they could afford some shampoo & a hair brush,they look like they haaven’t washed their hair in a week!LOL!My nephew is 2 years old & he won’t let me carry him,maybe they are afraid Suri will try to make a break for it!

  • AN

    As this girl grows older, she is starting to look more and more like a spoiled brat. What’s wrong with her 5 year old legs that she can’t walk. One minute they want to treat her like a grown adult in heels. The next minute, they are cottling her like a newborn. Unfortunately, Suri is going to be one of those hot mess Hollywood kids that will have a meltdown before she is 18.

  • melo1983

    Are her legs broken?

  • Anonymous

    this family is the weirdest family in the hollywood!

  • Anonymous

    Staci @ Actually Suri was barefoot and wrapped in a towel/blanket before they got on the yacht not after.

    X17 online has picture of some of the paps in the water right next to them. They also have picture of Suri dress falling off of her and that her dress is see though a swimsuit under the dress would have been a good idea.

    Anonymous 2:09@ Nice theory but Katie was holding Suri the same way before they got on the yacht and they been holding her like that since she was a baby.

  • LaKesha

    They can carry their daughter if they choose, she’s only 5–not 15…some people will criticize anything.

  • anon

    why aren’t you guys posting the pics of her on the yacht with her baby bottle??? tom quickly hid it after a couple shots but it is clear as day a baby bottle with a yellow nipple! so yea, maybe alone the carrying and baby blanket aren’t a big deal, but its the whole thing – all that and the baby bottle. wild!!! leah rimini (also scientologist) still has her 5/6 yr old daughter on at least 6 bottles a night (she says). it just doesnt seem right

  • Anonymous

    a lot of jellous people here? get a life and leave here alone. it wat you havnt got makes you like that? a lovely little girl like suri

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