Gwyneth Paltrow Gave In To Daughter’s Piercing Pleas

Multi-tasking actress Gwyneth Paltrow has a reputation for being a tough businesswoman, but there is one person who can get their way with the Country Strong star – seven-year-old daughter Apple. Two-years ago Gwyneth finally gave in and let her daughter get her ears pierced – although it did take three years of pleading.

“We’re strict with them to an extent but we also try to be respectful of who they are and work with them when they really want something. For instance, Apple had been wanting to get her ears pierced from the age of two,” Gwyneth recalled, saying that she and husband Chris Martin refused at first.

“Our nanny is Spanish, so the kids both speak Spanish and are very much connected to the Spanish culture, and in Spain little girls get their ears pierced when they’re born,” the actress explained in an interview with British Ok! magazine. “Apple would see little Spanish girls and says, ‘Why can’t I have my ears pierced too.’ When she was five we let her have her ears pierced.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t really get why it’s such big deal…I mean parents have their own ideas of what their kid should do, and I totally get that- but I never got why some parents are so intense about kids ears being pierced. I’m Spanish so maybe that’s why, like she said it’s normal for a little girl to get them done as a baby.

  2. Megan

    I think it’s great that they worked with Apple to get her ears pierced. They were right in not doing when she was two but when she was old enough to make the decision with her parents is great. I was five when I asked to get my ears pierced and after my parents discussed it, they too agreed.

  3. Amber

    I agree anon. I come from a spanish community and majority of us had our ears pierced as infants.

  4. Heart

    I thought it was up to the parents…I’m black and sometimes in our culture parents get their kids ears pierced around 5-6 months old. Some wait until later until they are like 1 or 2. So it’s not just Spanish people…I think it’s just people in general do things when they feel it’s appropriate for them. Sometimes it’s a cultural influence that determine this…sometimes its based on the generation…

  5. Anonymous

    i will be waiting until my daughter is old enough to tell me she wants it and can understand that it will hurt, and understand not to pull at them and to keep them clean. but i know a lot of people who do it to babies, my sister did for her kids.

  6. lila

    in argentina we get our ears pierced when your born, i don’t get why all de controversie

  7. Anonymous

    I love that she waited for Apple to decide. That’s what my mom did with me (age 8) and what I intend to do if I ever have a daughter.

  8. Audrey

    We never presumed that our girls would want them pierced so we waited until they asked. One was 6 but the other was 14.

  9. Anonymous

    i think the ear piercing is very culture related thing since in Middle-Europe where I’m from it’s not very common small kids have their ears pierced. Actually it’s not looked very nicely by other people if parent pierces small child’s ears. 5 starts to be an okay age to pierce ears in here. Also in Scandinavia it’s the same, I’ve lived there too. In here it’s maybe cos jewels like earrings are considered adult thing and children are wanted to be children as long as possible.

  10. Aleah

    wow i must be a really bad mom i let my lil girl get her ears pierced at 6 mos old

  11. Lioness

    If I have a girl, I will pierce her ears right away- my mom did it that way with me and my sisters. To each his own, of course, but I never saw the big deal in piercing an infant’s ears… they forget the pain after like 30 seconds, and are much less likely to fuss with them at that early age, meaning healing should go better. I figure if she doesn’t want it later in life, I can take them out and the holes will eventually close up as she grows. No biggie.

  12. SMH

    The ear piercing is no diffferent then them getting 6-7 needles in one sitting at a doctor visit. A quick pinch, maybe a little burn, then all done. I know some are against inflicting that kind of pain on a baby but it’s true they forget. I had mine done at 6 months old mainly bc I was bald and even wearing pink or purple stupid people would still comment about what a cute boy I was. One day my mom got tired of it she pierced my ears and had a bracelet with my name made for me and put it on lol!! I never got called a boy again!!
    If I have a daughter someday she will have hers done as soon as I’m allowed and by a pediatrician. I think 3 months is the earliest a ped will do it.
    Both my nieces got theirs done on their first birthday.

  13. Anonymous

    My 5 year old has been askign for a year. We have said that she can get them done when she is 7 (I had to wait until I was 12), we say that she can have them when she is old enough to take care of them herself (of course I will still help, but the general idea is that she will turn, clean and care for them). I think it is definitely cultural. I ran into a lady at the book store a couple of years ago and asked her how old her “little girl” was (I took que from the earings) she said her child was a boy and in their culture pierce the boys ears for the first year then take them out. I think (but could be very wrong) that she said she was from somewhere in India.

  14. May

    In Brazil hospitals pierce the newborns ears. I lived there for a while, and I must say, I don’t know what’s the big deal. It’s not a tattoo, your kid can perfectly take it off when she wants.

  15. hailei_2007

    Wow, that’s a lot of fuss for some ear piercing. In my country, the girls’ ears get pierced in the hospital, after the birth (of course, it’s not mandatory) because it’s totally less intrusive for the baby and really… it’s for them earrings, how else is she suppose to wear them if she wants too… (don’t tell about the clips ones, they are so annoying and painful)

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