Lily Allen Planned To Be Pregnant At Her Wedding

It was a joyous occasion when Lily Allen married Sam Cooper earlier this month and announced during the wedding that she was four-months pregnant.

At the time there was speculation that the singer had to have her gorgeous wedding gown altered to accommodate her fuller figure, but according to the designer Allen had planned for a baby bump when she chose the dress at the beginning of the year.

“We knew from the beginning – way back in January – that Lily wanted to get pregnant, so I designed the dress she wore underneath in silk tulle to be comfortable over a little bump,” says designer Delphine Manivet. “We were very excited when she told us the news. It was beautiful.”

Manivet says that although the ‘Smile’ singer had chosen her gown months before the wedding, she wanted to keep everyone guessing. “Like every bride, she wanted the dress to be a surprise. [She] wanted something traditional and not too exposed.”

It’s an exciting and hopeful time for Allen, who recently opened up about her two previous miscarriages – the first one occurring in 2008 and the second in October of last year. ‘It was a really long battle – and I think that kind of thing changes a person,” she said.

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  • Anonymous

    CBS…. she did NOT have a miscarriage. She had a stillbirth. Very different and there is WAY more emotional damage with a stillbirth. At least give her that.

  • ZaraB

    Arrrghhh – please stop referring to her last loss (at six months) as a miscarriage – it was a stillbirth, and having suffered both, I can say that there IS a difference.

  • TiggerTiff

    There’s something about a woman who is pregnant and getting married that’s so EXTRA beautiful to me. If my family wasn’t going to damn me to hell. I would love to be a pregnant-bride-to-be.

    • Alyssia

      Pregnant bride- what a amazing goal to have. WTF?

  • rose

    She does seem to be rather obsessed with being pregnant and having a baby… of course I don’t know what it is like to be in her position, but somehow I think that perhaps it would have been better to give it a rest for a while and first come to terms with her loss. On the other hand – perhaps it helps her heal. Still, I somehow imagine I would be still grieving for the child I lost and feel terrible about just “replacing” it with another.

    • Abi

      As a woman who’s lost three babies in the last year (two at 4 months) I totally understand her “obsession” with having a baby. To come so close to being a mother, and having it ripped away from you is the most heartbreaking thing in the world, and I know myself, personally, I will never stop or slow down trying to accomplish my dream of becoming a mother.
      I pray and hope this baby is safe, healthy and arrives healthily for Lily & Sam.

  • Anonymous

    I’m always surprised when people think they can ‘plan’ a pregnancy. Hope for it, yes. One might suppose that she has experienced the hard way that we cannot control this kind of processes…

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s really brave to be trying again so soon. She’s had a horrible time of it. I’m not sure I’d have the strength or the courage. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and really hoping it works out for her.
    She looked so happy on her wedding day.

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