Alyssa Milano Is Yoga Ready

Alyssa Milano was seen heading to her yoga class in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (June 21). The actress, who is expecting a boy with husband David Bugliari, is now seven months pregnant.

She recently told E! Online that they have names picked out but won’t decide until they see the baby.

We have five names picked out because we aren’t going to name him until we see him. We hear so many nightmare stories about people that have that name set and then they see the baby!”

She added, “Someone told me this story the other day about that they had like a new sort of name picked out like Skylar and then he came out and he was like 10 1/2 pounds and he looked like a little bruiser and they were like, ‘We can’t name our kid Skylar. He’s more like a Ben or a Charlie.’ “

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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wow, I’ll be the first to say it, she looks un-recognizable. now, either she is eating more calories a day than needed or this is her natural body type and she was fighting it all those years. there really isn’t much in-between. the difference between her and Selma Blair (who is due any day) is so drastic.


Or…ya know…she’s PREGNANT?! Pregnant women do have a tendency to put on a few pounds ya know…


Well first off shes 7 months pregnant your body tends to swell you would know that if you Ever been pregnant but again ignorance is irrelevant in this case. And she does look like herself she just don’t have make up covering her face she looks great in her 3rd trimester i just wished i looked that good and she is going to look as good after the pregnancy cause shes already doing yoga