Angelina Jolie & Girls Visit Dad Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt got a special on-set visit yesterday from a few of his biggest fans: Angelina Jolie and their beautiful girls Zahara, 6, and Shiloh, 5 (June 21)!

The jet-setting crew are currently in Valletta, Malta, where Brad is working on his new film War Z.

She was in Mommy mode yesterday, but Angelina has managed to find time for some humanitarian work while in the region. On Sunday she met with asylum seekers from Africa at detention centers in Malta and Lampedusa.

Though Angie only brought the big girls along for yesterday’s visit with Dad, we saw the entire Jolie-Pitt clan – Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and 2-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – in Malta last week.

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  • Anonymous

    pictures from this angle make me feel like a stalker….

  • Anonymous

    I know, eh?! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Cute :3

  • Anonymous

    It look like Z missing her two front teeth, she not ashamed of it ether good for her. When my niece lost hers she would not smile in public and hated when people talk about her missing teeth. Shiloh looks cute hugging on Angelina’s leg.

  • Caring Kate

    So tragic to see such well meaning people do so much indentity damage to their biological kids. I guess Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie don’t realize that indentity must be respected and guided, since so-called “gender confusion” is often guided by someone with major, major problems. The more that “gender confusion” is studied, the more important the role of invironment becomes. The confusion of the gender of a child actually rests in the power of those whose love they are guided to seak. Even subtle clues, given by a parent can have overwhelmingly negative impacts on a child. So sad. So very sad.

    • Anonymous

      So happy that Brad and Angie love their kids uncunditionally and accepts them as they are. My cousin had a mom like Caring Kate who couldn’t accept the fact that he was atypical. A loving sweet , creative boy who killed himself at age 12 because his parents told him he was evil because he wasn’t masculine from the time he was 3 or 4 . . I’m lucky my parents accepted me for the tomboy I was . They allowed me to only wear pants until I decided in middle school that I would like to expand my wardrobe after I became interested in boys(smile) . My husband and I will raise our kids as unique individuals and never kill their spirit /essence. To: my cousin Daryl RIP . To my Aunt Pam May God have Mercy on you for rejecting your child.

  • Caring Kate

    How sad that Ms Jolie and Mr Pitt, who truly want to do good for their family and for the world, cannot get the help they desperately need about raising children. Two of their biological kids are at risk for created gender confusion and the more that this heartbreaking order is studied, the more evidence presents itself that this confusion is often fostered by either both parents or one parent. A parent’s dissatifaction with a child’s physical make-up, even if subtle, is noticed by a child. EVERYTHING is extremely noticed by children and serious harm to their innermost selves can result bringing heartache to themselves and to their parents. How very sad. Such a painful situation to watch.

  • Caring Kate

    This couple is so devoted to doing good in the world and doing good for their children. It’s just tragic that they don’t understand the harm they are doing to their biological kids. Just because these children are biological is no reason to treat them as objects to be used and abused. Their little brains are still new to the planet and all of the wiring in those brains are not up and running yet. They need guidance in order to be HAPPY. There is a loving creator and with all of the love in their family – they must see His/Her work. This creator needs both of these parents to seek the good and the wholesome and the freedom of goodness and acceptance. Just because a little girl is “big” doesn’t mean that she deserves to be put in the inferior role of a boy! Just because a boy appears to be feminine (as most very young boys do) doesn’t give the parents a right to cast him in the inferior role of a girl. Superior roles in life are those what encourage us to be creative while nurturing and rejoicing in the reality of who we are. A parent can subtly discourage this and a young child will want to please that parent by “being” what ever the parent wants. You can’t full kids and the tragedy of all of this is there for everyone to see. How sad for the kids and how sad for the parents. Gender issues come at around ages 8-10 and no one is fulled by this sick manipulation of helpless children.

    • Anonymous

      Whatcha ya talking about Willis?? get a life!!!

  • Anonymous

    Both Zee and Shi look so adorable. Zee doesn´t seem to be bothered by the fact that she has lost her two front teeth but still keeps smiling. She has this most beautiful smile. I love the pic in which Shi is hugging her mum´s leg like she won´t let mum go anywhere.

  • SallyAnn

    Caring Kate- for the love of Pete- Be quiet and just enjoy looking at pictures like the rest of us. Stop judging their parenting. They seem to truly
    love all of their kids and from what minimal
    Exposure we have to their lives, all the
    Children seem happy. Always smiling. Focus on happy children, CK, and not the length of hair/style of clothes.

  • Ellie

    Caring Kate. I got tired reading and at the end I still don’t believe I ever got to the gest of your comment if there was one.

    In the end, all I see in the pictures are parents and happy looking kids. Not damaged or endangered children at all.

  • testguy

    I’m just glad Brad got rid of the beard.

  • Anonymous

    Good lord Caring Kate. Get a life. These children are happy and healthy. They are perfectly fine. I worry more about the children in this world that are abused. Or children who have to live in poverty. They are the ones you should be worried about. Not the Jolie-Pitt kids who are loved, provided for, and have every advantage in the world.

  • Anonymous

    poor shiloh. her momma love her african sister more.

    • Anonymous

      You’re pathetic, quit looking for an excuse to bash Angelina, all the children look happy, healthy, and loved!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think Angelina love the most Shiloh , Knox and Maddox.

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