Nick Cannon: “Mariah Is The Best Mother Ever”

Almost two months after the birth of twins Moroccan and Monroe, new dad Nick Cannon says that he’s enjoying fatherhood – yes, even diaper duty. He does admit that there’s room for improvement, though, saying, “My diapers tend to leak.”

His wife Mariah Carey, though, is a natural.

“She’s amazing,” the America’s Got Talent host gushes to US. “She’s the best mother ever.”

Nick also confirms that the kids already have very different personalities, saying that Monroe takes after Mom while Moroccan is more like him.

“My son is laid back like me. My daughter’s a diva like her mom!”

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he has a right to gush about his wife & Children especially after everything He & Mariah went through to become parents. Paul McCartney gushe about his kids when asked and nobody complains about it why should Nick be different


No one’s complaining. Get over yourself Courtney!


I am sure that ringing for and checking up on the nannies is a tough job for Mariah..but someones gotta do it!


the twins are only 2 months old. what makes you think she dosent take care of her own children??


I was thinking the same thing. I just can’t see Mariah being a very hands on mom. I think as the twins get older we will just see her using them as more of a fashion accessory that she has her nannies carry around.

What’s your problem???? All your doing is assuming and judging. Firstly you are NOT friends with Mariah OR Nick so you have no right to judge their parenting style. Secondly, have you ever had twins??? Twice the demand, twice the feeding and twice the pressure. It is a really hard job raising any baby/babies whether your alone or married or especially when one parent is still working to provide for the family (and don’t even think about saying that she already has enough money, because that’s just judgemental). Futhermore you don’t if she has nannies, because for all you know… Read more »

the harder time you have conceiving the more right you have to brag? doesn’t sound quite right to me. I think everyone should be proud of their families. tired of the pity party….most 42 year-old women cannot get pregnant without some medical assistance so it is not shocking that they needed it as well!

Anonymous 2

They are gonna have to release some pics of these babies soon.