Is Paris Jackson Ready To Start Dating?

At 13-years-old, Paris Jackson is enjoying her new, more social lifestyle and getting to interact with other kids her age. But is the daughter of the King of Pop thinking about stepping into the world of dating?

According to her aunt, not so much. “No, she’s not dating,” La Toya Jackson tells Extra‘s AJ Calloway. “I have my little talks with her and she goes, ‘Aunt La Toya, I know they’re just after one thing!'”

Wise beyond her years.

Though dating isn’t one of her priorities right now, one thing Paris and her brothers Prince Michael, 14, and Blanket, 9, have expressed an interest in is acting.

We wonder if we’ll be seeing any of them on the small or large screen anytime soon!

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  1. Nina D.

    Good girl, Paris.

    She’s smart, her fam. doesn’t have to worry about her. 🙂

  2. claudia

    paris jackson is sooooooo beautiful, amazing eyes !

  3. Anonymous

    will toy shut up, damn. Is she going to run to the media everytime the kids say or do something. jeez!

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t know. The boy, Prince, has been dating girls for a while now and he was not so much older than when he started dating.

  5. Lauren

    Even at 30 most men still only want 1 thing lol

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t know. The boy, Prince, has been dating for a while now and he was not so much older than when he started.

  7. The Legend

    She’s so beautiful & smart with her response

  8. SMH

    lol @ Lauren for I’d even extend that even older 🙂

    Speaking of Paris….today is MJ’s anniversary of his passing. RIP MJ

  9. Anonymous

    So sad Michael took such extreme measures to protect his children from the media and public, and now La Toya is blabbing their intimate conversations to the press.

    • OMG!

      Amen! Just because they are Michael’s kids, it does not give La Toya, or any of the other Jackson sibs, the right to talk about their private bisness. La Toya and her sibs need to learn that when they do interviews, there are certain things that should not be discussed (i.e who the kids are/ are not dating, the things they said the day their father died). The news websites and tabloids need to also learn that there are certain things that shouldn’t be published.

  10. Lilian

    Paris is a beautiful looking girl and it must be sad for her and her two brothers and family at this time of the year. I’m sure they will be successful in what they choose to do with their lives and I hope they are happy and contented too.

  11. Anonymous

    She looks just like her mom Debbie Rowe! With those blue eyes… It has been two years now and they are planning big event at Fairlawn cemetery. For daddy

  12. autumnfoster1

    I heard shes dating Jaden Smith from him.But i dony know.

  13. Anonymous

    Michael had vitiligo. A skin disease in which pigment in the skin is lost in ever increasing patches. Don’t we all know that by now?? It is embarrassing and can be disfiguring if you can imagine.
    He was those kids’ dad in day to day life. The proof of what kind of a dad he was to them shows in their deep devotion to him. And that’s all their is to this story folks. They are amazingly beautiful and well adjusted kids it seems and they all are interested in Acting. Can’t Wait!!

  14. Anonymous

    Paris is a pretty girl but it is terrible how Michael’s siblings feel the need to blab to the media about every conversation they have with the kids. Once again, riding on Michael’s coattails, even from the grave…

  15. hailei_2007

    I hate her, she’s always exposing intimate things that the kids do or say, to the press… I remember how right after Michael’s death, she was telling about what Paris writes in her diary… She’s so disgraceful… bleah, LaToya!

  16. Anonymous

    aww thats cute! she’s so right lol

    but i agree with most of you= la toya shouldnt be getting this intimate when talking bout her neice ans nephews. a simple ‘their doing fine and adjusting’ is fine their still kids and deserve privacy esp. now if they are really thinking bout getting into acting when their older.

  17. ik

    it is good ur father died he desvered it and i hope your stupid family dies to

  18. Amber

    Paris Jackson is a wonderful girl that is meeting new people and going to school. Paris will be dating when she gets older. Paris will be in more magazines like star magazines and In touch magazines soon. Paris Jackson is a superstar.

  19. sedaspide

    Hello to All the Guests and Members,
    Help me to find actual now dating sites: mens, womens, teens.

  20. Wab

    To ik- you are very disrespectful to paris,prince,and blanket and the rest of the Jackson family how would you like it if your dad died or if your whole entire family died next time you comment think about what your saying before you say it and if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. God bless Michael,prince,paris,blanket and the rest of the Jackson family I will keep you in my prayers

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