Katie Holmes & Suri: Leaving On A Jet Plane

Looks like the holiday’s over for Katie Holmes and her 5-year-old daughter Suri. The pretty pair were spotted arriving at an airport in Miami, Florida today to catch a flight (June 23).

While in the Sunshine State – dad Tom Cruise‘s new movie Rock of Ages is being filmed there – the Mad Money star and her cutie got in some beach time and enjoyed a cruise on a private yacht. Sounds like fun!

Tom’s not the only one with projects on the go at the moment – Katie’s new movie Jack & Jill is scheduled to hit theaters this fall. She’s also signed onto Responsible Adults, a romantic comedy co-starring Chace Crawford.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Annie123

    This is getting so old, how can Katie NOT KNOW how to dress weather-appropriately? I mean, jeans, boots and a sweater in Miami in June? How is she not melting? At least Suri’s wearing flip flops, but Katie is deranged.

    • Anonymous

      She’s at an airport. She probably is walking from her air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned airport to the air-conditioned plane. Planes are often too cold for many people, so you have to wear clothes like so you don’t freeze. If I’m taking a plane in the middle of the summer, I wear pants and a sweater even if it’s 95 degrees out.

      Maybe you should consider that there are actually reasonable explanations to think before going off on someone you don’t even know. Obviously she’s comfortable with what she’s wearing. Why does it bother you so much? Does it affect you?

      • Victoria

        So what it’s 87 degrees in baltimore today and I wore my jeans and a tshirt. And it’s really not that hot down south right now so you could wear a sweater and be comfortable, and WOW here’s something, if you get hot you could just take it off.

    • Audrey

      I wear jeans when I fly and carry a small lap-sized blanket. I get cold on airplanes.

  2. Anonymous

    i love the fact that they gave suri an african american doll. you rarely see white children with black dolls. how incredibly progressive and what a good message to send to your child particularly in a multi-racial home. bravo tom and katy.

  3. Anonymous

    its a disney princess tiana doll

  4. Anonymous

    OMG The child is walking.

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