Nicole Richie & Harlow: Frozen Treat Twosome

Nicole Richie took Harlow to get a frozen treat at Ice Cream Plus in West Hollywood, Calif. on Thursday (June 24). Both wore summery dresses for the outing.

Even though she’s a busy working mom, Nicole makes time to keep fit. Earlier in the day she was seen leaving the Tracey Anderson Method gym.

She also has time to share personal videos on her blog. Her latest one is of her and a male friend going head-to-head in a dance off to Britney Spears’ Slave 4 U.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • hopeso

    OOOOOOOHHHHHH love Nicole shoes, OOOHHHH love Harlow dress…too cute both of them.. LOL

  • hopeso

    OOOHHHHH i love Nicole shoes. OOOOHHHH i love Harlow Dress. Too cute.LOL

  • Anonymous

    Nicole needs to dye that hair quickly – her roots are coming in and it doesn’t look good at all.
    Also, can someone buy that kid a new pair of shoes. They are TOO small, her toes are hanging out! Geez.

    • Anonymous

      Who are you to give her instructions? Even with your hair dyed ‘correctly’ and the right size of shoes you don’t look nearly as cute as them!

  • pinkonegirl

    To the judgemental person at 5:48 it’s called “I’m mixed so I might have new growth” and leave that kid a lone, her shoes are fine.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, her shoes are way too small for her. Her toes are scraping the sidewalk. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Her shoes are fine? Wow, I hope you don’t have kids. If you call walking with your toes scraping the sidewalk “fine”, then you need your head examined. And pinkonegirl btw – learn how to spell.

  • Annie_S

    Have you ever worn rubber sandals in a hot climate? Your feet get all sweaty and yes they do hang out sometimes …

  • eb

    Harlowis so cute. I dont like the names Harlow and Sparrow. They couldve have named them bettter names. I wonder if Paris and Nicole are still friends. Im surprised that Nicole and Joel got marrried.

  • eb

    Harlow is so cute. I dont know what they were thinking when they named them names like Harlow and Sparrow. I dont like those names. Im shocked the Nicole and Joel got married. Lets hope they stay together.

  • Shirelle

    Harlow is so adorable!

  • Anonymous

    These so called celebrities try to out-do each other in terms of picking the dumbest name.

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