Sherri Shepherd Is Prepping For A Baby!

Sherri Shepherd is getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry beau Lamar Sally, and like most brides-to-be, the View co-host is working hard to slim down for her special day. But looking good in her wedding gown isn’t the only reason she’s shedding the pounds.

“I have to lose as much weight as possible for me to be healthy to carry [a baby],” the comedian tells People.

Already mom to 6-year-old son, Jeffrey, Shepherd suffers from diabetes and has struggled with infertility in the past, having miscarried Jeffrey’s twin.

Now, as she begins an exciting new chapter in her life, Sherri’s doing as much as she can to increase her chances of being able to welcome baby number 2 in the near future.

“I go at 7 in the morning, four times a week to see my trainer over at the Reebok Club,” shares Shepherd. “She’s doing a lot of interval training with me, and these things called suicides. Those are really tough.”

Tough, but well worth it.

Good luck to Sherri and “Sal”!

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  1. SMH

    I used to like her until she got on The View. I found her completely ignorant, annoying not to mention she really isn’t all that intelligent! And her parenting style completely barbaric but to each their own I guess. I actually stopped watching the show over a year ago (not just bc of her but the arguing is too much anymore) Instead I now watch The Talk – same premise but much more light hearted and fun 🙂

  2. Victoria

    Sherri looks great! And I’m glad that she wants to be healthy and that she’s willing to go those extra miles to have a baby.

  3. Anonymous

    Good for her! I think she looks fantastic and healthy here, but if she wants to feel even healthier, more power to her.

  4. Anonymous

    She looks great for being 44! I’ve always admired her for being open about doing IVF to conceive Jeffrey and I hope her future IVFs are successful!

  5. ryann

    hahaha…..didn’t she say she’s “big” but healthy? glad her doctor is honest with her.

  6. Anonymous

    I read some where sally said he does’nt want any more children, so why is she doing this healthy stuff.

  7. JD

    why doesn’t she just adopt? lots of kids out there need homes.

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