Rachel Zoe & Skyler: Coffee Bean Lunch Stop

Rachel Zoe took 3-month-old Skyler and her assistant to The Coffee Bean in Los Angeles, Calif on Friday (June 24).

Rachel spent time feeding the baby with a bottle and just looked content pushing him in the stroller.

The celebrity stylist recently told Celebrity Baby Scoop how she felt about being a new mom.

She said, “I’m the happiest I’ve been — ever! I’m happy all the time, nothing really gets me upset. You don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.”

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Photo credit: Fame/GSI Media/Pacific Coast News

  • ZaraB

    Eek – she’s painfully thin!! I’m a huge advocate for breastfeeding, but I’m almost hoping for her baby’s sake that it’s formula in that bottle, as she couldn’t possibly be eating well enough to be providing her baby with quality breastmilk… I’m naturally thin myself, and actually ended my last pregnancy two kilos lighter (but delivered a healthy 3.8kg baby), but Rachel Zoe just looks emaciated, and not naturally thin, but rather like she starves herself to look that way. Her baby looks very small for his age in all the pictures we’ve seen of him too…

    • Anonymous

      Zara, I like your comment — calling it like you see it, pointing out the obvious in a constructive, non-offensive manner. Keep posting, sister!

  • Anna

    Its cute how Skyler is grabbing her finger!!

  • KellyAnne

    I think the baby should be feeding HER.

  • gini

    my goodness, she looks like a skeleton. I think someone needs to be feeding her one of those bottles while her baby gets one.

  • Anonymous

    why is the skin on her face so saggy like shes 90 years old?

    • Anonymous

      sadly, the sag is back despite all the facial “treatments” she has. She seems to look “rejuvenated” every 6 months but her face always reverts back to that of a california raisen. eek. let’s hope eating comes back into fashion in hollywood. the women would look a lot better and younger. i don’t care how much hollywood publicits try to brainwash women, angelina jolie, athough attractive, will never look as good or youthful as sofia vergara.

    • Zara

      I’d guess it’s a combination of her actually being much older than 39, living on steamed asparagus spears, years worth of sun damage (and I would bet money on her being a smoker too). Take note any young girls who think dieting, sun and smoking are the ways to looking good in your teens and 20s – this is what your future looks like!!!

      • scooter

        I agree 100%. I was a sunbathing beauty in my twenties and I am paying for it now. Be good to your skin young readers! And stay away from smoking. It’s horrible for your skin, hair and teeth and horrible for your lungs as well as your babies’!

      • sprink

        You’re right, she is a smoker. Although it was never filmed for her reality show..

  • Anonymous

    Poor baby- eye contact so important during this time and he looks up to see Mom wearing giant glasses and looking like a fly LOL!

    • Anonymous

      And she’s got glasses on in every picture you see of her, indoors and out. Absolutely bizarre.

  • Anonymous

    This woman looks haggard and alarmingly thin. How can she possibly have the energy to care for her infant? The stroller probably has a dual purpose and is also necessary to keep her in an upright position.

    Clearly she is incapable of breastfeeding – due to insufficient intake – Zara, I’m assuming it is formula in the bottle. When you’re in your forties, it’s hard enough to go through a pregnancy, let alone deal with the demands of an infant. Thankfully Ms. Zoe can afford whatever help she needs, but no amount of money can undo the damage she’s done to her health (Osteoporosis, anyone?)

  • Audrey

    She’s thin like my sister (who is and always has been perfectly healthy). The baby looks properly sized to me and cute. He has a nice grip on mom, not letting her get aaway.

    • Anonymous

      Audrey, with all due respect, you couldn’t be more wrong. A friend of mine watches her show (too much time on her hands, I guess) and there is no question that Zoe has a chronic disordered eating problem. Any scenes involving food show her avoiding it at all costs, even when everyone else is indulging. I hope to God that she ate responsibly during the pregnancy and that the baby was not damaged as a result.

      Eating Disorders do not just affect teens – women in their 40’s and 50’s like Zoe are also sufferers.

      • audrey

        How can I be wrong? She is thin like my healthy sister and the baby is holding her finger – cute.

      • audrey

        How can I be wrong? She is thin like my healthy sister and the baby is holding her finger – cute.

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry but she looks old and anorexic! But the baby grabbing her finger is cute!

  • Anonymous

    She obviously has an eating disorder (anorexia), her looking so old has everything to do with her being anorexic. I feel sorry for her

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that it has anything to do with being in her 40’s in this case. In fact, she is allegedly only 38 or 39-not far, I know. I think that it’s just HER-the reasoning why she is so thin and haggard and not breastfeeding (obviously not here in public…We don’t know whether she does in private, but for the sake of the baby, I certainly hope that she pumps for him). Barring any non-public reason, this woman has caused herself to look so old and frail. The hair, the skin, the thinness…And why is dhe almost always wearing sunglasses? no eye contact with her son? In almost every pic of her lately, she has been wearing sunglasses inside…Moving on, there are tons of celebrities in their late thirties and forties who look wonderfully robust and healthy, and providing for their children. Her son looks so sweet…but why are there continuous posts of this woman? She is stylist to celebrities, right? Are all celebrity stylists celebrities in their own right?! I’ve not researched Rachel Zoe so I don’t know if she’s done something to garner such attention.

    • Anonymous

      Great post and a lot of valid points. Can’t believe I’m fueling the fire by adding to the discussion about a non-entity like this, but what the heck.

      I liked your point about other “older” celebs who look healthy — you can be slim without looking anorexic but depending on your natural body type, it doesn’t suit everyone to be reed thin.

      Did I read correctly — you said she was in her 30’s? Are you kidding me? When I think of celebs who really are in their late 30’s (Jen Garner, Selma Blair) I have a hard time believing Zoe is in their age group. Even celebs in their 40’s look younger than her for God’s sake – Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Jennifer Connolly, the list goes on.

    • scooter

      “I’ve not researched Rachel Zoe so I don’t know if she’s done something to garner such attention.”

      She has her own television show The Rachel Zoe Project. She’s a stylist but also a celebrity due to her show.

  • Just sayin’

    Saw a video on another site taken at the same place and (if this is possible) she seems even more frail when she is moving – especially when she is handling the baby. WTF is she going to do when he’s a rambunctious toddler running all over the place? Somehow I can’t see her having the strength and energy to chase him and muscle him into a stroller, carseat, etc.

  • rachel

    Someone said she is in her 30’s. That’s BS – my Great Aunt (grandma’s sister) is 62 and she looks younger. No plastic surgery, I might add.

    • cara

      It’s all due to anorexia. I went through a phase of anorexia myself when I was a teenager and at the clinic I met women in their early 30s who had been anorexic for 10-15 years. They looked as if they were 50. Just one of the experiences at the clinic that helped me overcome this illness… I feel sorry for this woman. Once you’ve been in anorexia for so many years, it is virtually impossible to get out of it again.

  • scooter

    Her face would fill out if she’d gain a good 15 pounds.

    • scooter

      Just wanted to mention that I do like RZ. Not trying to pick on her or disrespect her. she would look healthier with 15 more pounds on her but being skinny doesn’t make her a bad mom. I see obese mothers that can barely walk with their children let alone play with them.

  • Anonymous

    I was just about to call her out on having a nanny with her while getting coffee to help take care of a 3 month old, but after looking at the pictures again and read comment , I see why she has help with her she too weak to push the stroller by herself she usually has help from the nanny or her husband she doesn’t look like she able to pick up the stroller to put it in the car and I seen photos of people caring the car set for her so I can see why she needs help were ever she goes.

    On a side note Rachel pimps out her baby ever change she can get Skyler has been on at least 3 or 4 red carpets and he only 3 months old with mommy and daddy smiling and having him face the cameras. More than 50% of celebrities kids have never work the red carpet and Rachel Zoe who is not even a celebrity has had her baby on the RC for the past two months.

    • Anonymous

      Bingo – you hit it right on. Unlike some celebs who may take a nanny here, there and everywhere, Zoe obviously needs someone to help her manage the most basic task. It’s not about being a prima donna or being lazy. Wait until that newborn packs on a few pounds, then maybe she’ll need another nanny.

    • scooter

      The gorgeous Tom Ford just made comments about not pimping his future kids out for press, like some of the ‘friends’ he knows.

  • Staci

    She’s 39 according to Wikipedia.

  • JD

    dang. a little hard on her aren’t you guys? at least she’s feeding her own baby and doesn’t have a nanny doing it.

  • Anonymous56

    Staci @ 3 year ago Wikipedia had her age at 42 than she made a comment on her show about being a triple Virgo. In astrology terms, that means she was born in the sign of Virgo, her rising sign is a Virgo, and her moon sign is a Virgo.

    Well, experts say that isn’t possible if Zoe is 37 and was born on Sept. 1, 1971, as she claims. In fact, says our pro, she’d actually be five to 10 years older than that if she were indeed a Triple-V. Days later after her comment got so much attention out of no were Wikipedia change her age, ether Rachel lied about her age or she lied about being a Triple-V.

    If you watch her show which I have in the past which I no longer do she change her story so many times its hard to tell when she telling the truth like on one episode she said she been in the business for more than 20 years but when you do the math it doesn’t add up than on another she says she been in the business for 15 years, her stories are constantly changing which happen when you lie and are bad at it.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Anonymous, you are spot on. Unfortunately there are some people take what celebs say as “gospel”. Wikipedia is not reliable either. When you see celebs like Kelly Preston, Christie Brinkley et. al. who are late forties, early fifties and look awesome, then you look at Ms. Zoe, it makes you want to laugh.

  • Anonymous

    Whether she breastfeeds or not is nobody’s business. Why she does or does not breastfeed is nobody’s business. Everybody’s always an expert on how other people raise their kids. Worry about raising your own.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous, there aren’t very many comments criticizing her about not bf’ing. For the most part, people are commenting on her appearance and how gaunt and unhealthy she seems. Surprised you didn’t notice –

    • Anonymous

      “Worry about raising your own”. Excellent advice. First order of business, teach them healthy eating habits!!!

  • Anonymous

    I saw her being interviewed on one of those entertainment shows and am still laughing at the quote: “I’m the happiest I’ve been — ever! I’m happy all the time” because her tone of voice seemed far from happy. She sounded irritated and bitchy when she spoke these words. I don’t know what it is, but she always seems so miserable.

  • Anonymous

    I have had an eating disorder for years and I can honestly say I would think twice before having a child while being so emaciated. She shows all the hallmark symptoms. How can you take care of another human being if you cant take care of yourself?
    I dont mean to be too negative, but how on earth did she carry for 9 months?> Pretty suss if you ask me

  • Bren

    She had a surrogate. I don’t know what’s the big deal except maybe not wanting to admit you are anorexic and can not conceive or carry a baby and that makes for poor ratings.

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