Jaden & Willow Smith: BET Buds

Parents just don’t understand!

Famous sibs Jaden Smith, 12, and Willow, 10, posed for pics at the 2011 BET Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday (June 26). Willow rocked a tee with her famous pop, Fresh Price star Will Smith, to accompany her colorful ensemble and hairdo.

Proud mama Jada Pinkett Smith recently talked about helping her kids fulfill their dreams.

I think the most fulfilling thing is allowing them to fulfill their dreams and seeing them fly,” Jada said. “This is probably the most gratifying experience that I could have. Giving them the opportunities that they’ve had and being by their sides will be the most gratifying thing that I will probably ever do in my life.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • LaKesha

    Touching moment between these two at the BET awards. Their parents were so proud.

  • Tazina

    These are happy and confident kids! Will and Jada are doing a great job raising them.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Ridiculous – trying much too hard. They always look like spoiled prima donnas.
    Its been in the 90s too, leave the lame jacket at home kid with your army boots.

  • Anonymous

    These kids are awesome and adorable!

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if they ever wear normal clothes? do we have any pictures?

  • Anonymous

    Guarantee they will end up crack addicts and on the streets!

    • Jonni

      wow! negative much?

    • LaKesha

      We will have to wait and see. But their parents were child stars and didn’t fair that way, so we’ll see.

      • Anonymous

        They were not child stars. Will was 18 and jada was 17. Additionally they were not pushed into it.

  • lila

    Those kid look like “I-can’t-decide-what-to-wear-so-I-just-wear-it-all. Ridiculous!

  • Anonymous

    they are so adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Ok why is there no outcry for the exclusionary style of BLACK ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS, THE ALMA- Latino awards and so on. Can bet if there were a Caucasian ONLY AWARDS, the ACLU would be involved in a minute. Am tired of this rule for one and not for others.

  • M

    Doubt they will ever become a listers like there parents once were. There are only so many spots on the list and Will can only buy them so much star power with his money.

  • faith

    whatever but they outfit look crazzy lollllllllllllllll kiss me u little rat head self like i care about thiz im srry about yoyr momor dad pick your outfit ugly put your jacket on willow just playin willow your outfit look pretty dont take thiz as a mean thing

  • jasmine

    i love willowsmithandhsrbrlther

  • jasmine

    i love willow smith and her brother

  • Lori

    What a shame so much hatred against two black youths. When white kids act the way they do it’s accepted because they are seen as confident. Black kids are not supposed to show confidence in themselves without being put down. Then here comes the blacks with their constant hatred & jealously towards one another and the whites with their superior attitude that doesn’t allow them to see anyone other than themselves act proud. Black folks will never wake up and support one another. PUtting down their clothers, etc. what jealous bullies. What a sad, pathetic race black people are towards one another.

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