The Father Of Linda Evangelista’s Son Revealed

Linda Evangelista has always kept mum on who the father of 4-year-old son Augustin James is. The NY Post reveals it is French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, the husband of Salma Hayek and father to their 3-year-old daughter Valentina.

The model, who has said “Augie’s” father was a New York architect, attended Family Court in Manhattan yesterday to try to hash out a support agreement with Pinault. According to his lawyer, he didn’t attend due to a misunderstanding.

“We had understood that it was to be a brief, telephone conference, to bring Magistrate Troy up to date on what the status was,” he explained to The Post.

Pinault and Hayek met in Venice in May of 2006 and announced their engagement and her pregnancy in March of 2007. Publicly, they have never acknowledged Augustin as the businessman’s son.

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  1. klutzy_girl

    I don’t think this is as big as a scandal as everyone’s making it out to be. I’m sure Salma’s known for a long time, and besides, she and Henri were broken up when he conceived this kid with Linda.

  2. Anonymous

    Her pants and blouse look very strange, like they are on backwards??

  3. Anonymous

    Oh thank god we know now. It’s kept me up every night wondering. Such a relief to finally know!!!

  4. Anna

    I wonder if the keeping it a secret thing was her or his wish? Anyway I don’t see the scandal as this happened before he got together with Salma.

  5. Anonymous

    its amazing what women will sleep with when money is involved

  6. Anonymous

    My god, what’s happened to her pretty face? Why are these beautiful women so scared of aging?? She would have looket a lot prettier if she had let nature go its way…

  7. Anonymous

    Is it the style for former models who sleep with billionaires to wear trousers pulled up to their ribs and blouses with slits down to their bellybuttons? Those trousers look very odd…

  8. CalledIt

    Actually this one one of the reasons he and Selma broke up… Along with the other allegation of him also getting another lady in France preggers as well!
    I knew the reason she kept quiet was b/c the babies father was in a relationship at the time of conception.
    Now it is time for Angie Everhart, January Jones, and Minnie Driver to admit they to got preggers by men already in a relationship or married! Women only keep mum on the paternity when there is shame b/c what good man would keep such a thing as having a baby quiet?

  9. Anonymous

    Then what about Jodie Foster? Sperm doners? I can’t remember if anything has ever been said about it.

  10. Anonymous

    Linda is petitioning for child support? I distinctly recall her stating years ago that she doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000. I would’ve thought that a supermodel of her caliber would have her own money with which to raise a child. *shrug*

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