Pete Wentz & His Malibu Beach Boy

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Pete Wentz got an early start on the holiday by taking son Bronx, 2, to the beach in Malibu, Calif. on Friday (July 1). The two spent the day hanging out and playing in the sand.

Pete and wife Ashlee Simpson separated late last year, but he’s had a lot to keep him busy since then – the former Fall Out Boy bassist has been preoccupied putting together a new band, The Black Cards.

“It gets pretty crazy,” he says of trying to coordinate his band members, who all live in different parts of the country. “We all fly in and we’ll meet up and rehearse and do the thing, and then we all don’t see each other for a week or two and then do it all again, and it flusters you a little bit. I mean, we’re starting to get the hang of being a band and what this band is doing.

“We all live in different places. I live in Los Angeles. There’s New York, Atlanta, Massachusetts. So we fly in, we rehearse, and then we rehearse in the trailer.”

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  1. Da

    Handsome guys. Looks like dad doesn’t like the cameras.

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