Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes: Fun On The 4th!

LeAnn Rimes was on camera duty today as she spent the 4th of July on the beach in Malibu, California with her husband Eddie Cibrian and stepsons Mason, 7, and Jake, 4.

Showing off her slim figure in a little red bikini, the singer snapped pics as her hubby hit the waves with his two handsome boys.

LeAnn recently blogged about the importance of family after enjoying a vacation with Eddie, the kids and both of their extended families, writing, “This past week taught us all in our family to make enjoying more time with each other the first priority in our lives. You never know what tomorrow may bring.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Good God. I know everyone’s said it countless times lately, but she is too damn skinny! I’m genuinely not trying to be insulting, I just worry. I can see her veins popping through her skin. Her lower torso reminds me of a Ken doll. It’s unfortunate that this woman thinks this is what’s healthy or sexy.

  • skylar

    Well according to Leann she not under wight or skinny.She is in denial if she think she’s healthy.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly think she looks good! She’s toned and looks like she works out. She would look great with a few more pounds on her too but she is by no means emaciated.

  • Gisele

    I’m sorry but I just don’t think she looks that bad…I think she looks pretty good, actually.

    • SarahF

      I agree, she looks perfectly fine to me, you can’t see her ribs protruding.

  • SiervaMaria

    Very unpopular opinion I have about them but when did I ever give a flying frisbee about what others think. I like them and wish them well.

  • Anonymous

    You think the bone poking out over her tattoo looks good and healthy? Same for the veins around her left hip bone? Oh. OK then. Yeeeah her body looks bangin’…

  • Thisstagedphoto-opisdisgusting

    Eddie Cibrian is a jerk. He threatens to sue his ex-wife if the kids are on her show and then he invites the paps to the beach with him and his kids and all for what? So that LR can release an album or prove that they are a “happy family” and therefore EC is not cheating on her.

    This is a VERY image to give to the public, especially since EC has a new show coming out. What the public sees is a man who cares little about his kids unless of course he can benefit from exploiting their names and faces.

    If LR cared anything about her family, why did she invite the paps to the beach? They were able to go on vacation with those kids without being spotted on a beach, so how come she couldn’t have did the same here?

    Why is she taking photos? So she can post them on her blog and her twitter page, which will then in turn expose those kids to millions of millions of people?

    Why do blogs like this encourage this behavior from EC and LR? These staged photo-ops are WRONG.

    • Anon

      Unless you are Brandi Glanville (which I’m guessing you are), I think you need to move on. You did this on their other post too.

      • Thisstagedphoto-opisdisgusting

        anon @ 12:29

        So I take you are the NYC Mommy poster.

        So basically you are upset because I pointed out Eddie Cibrian’s double standard? Blaming Brandi Glanville isn’t going to take away from the fact that Eddie Cibrian is once again exposing his kids to the media after he made such a big fuss over how he didn’t want his kids to be seen by millions of people.

        Perhaps LR and EC move on and stop using those kids like they are props.

        You did this in the other thread as well, I thought you said that you were not a LR fan or trying to make LR out to be the victim.

        • Anonymous

          I am not the NYC Mommy poster. I actually agree with you that I think what Eddie and LeAnn did was terrible and trashy but the gusto with which you talk about these people that you don’t even know is a little frightening. And my post was not a dig at Brandi, it was a dig at anyone being so concerned with hollywood people they don’t even know.

          • thisstagedphoto-opisdisgusting

            anon 3:06

            So let me get this right, you have problems with people commenting on people/celebs because they don’t know them, and yet here you are making posts to and about people (who are commenting about celebs)you don’t know. This is a gossip site. You do realize that right? Are you telling me that each and every person who comments on the articles that are posted on this site is in the wrong. BTW, if you are so concerned about people commenting on people they don’t know why are you here reading and even posting?

            Sounds like once again you are upset because someone would dare call out Eddie Cibrian on his double standards.

            So the gusto that you use to talk criticize others for commenting on a gossip site is frigthening. Are you sure you are not the NYC Mommy person?

      • Thisstagedphoto-opisdisgusting


        So that would make you the NYC mommy poster then? In the other post you said that you were not a Leann fan and that you were not trying to make LR out to the victim.

        So what is this really about? That we pointed out EC double standard and how media keeps patting him on the back even when he is wrong?

        Perhaps LR should move on and stop staging these photo-ops with those kids to convince people that EC isn’t cheating on her.

        Blaming BG because EC won’t abide by the rules that he imposes on BG, isn’t going to make what EC and LR did right.

        EC and LR are wrong. They should have enjoyed the holiday without the paps, and now it makes people dislike EC and LR even more.

  • Anon


  • Anon

    u just jealous! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Her torso looks like the underbelly of a dragon.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I just find it annoying that there is such a double-standard when it comes to making comments about one’s body structure. I mean seriously, if I was to come on here and say “look at that nasty muffin-top” or “damn that cow needs to lay off the cupcakes” or “mooooo” or her belly looks like a HUGE bowl of cottage cheese” or any other fat person comment, I’m sure everyone would say something along the lines of “how could you say that?”, etc. Really though think about it. I believe those of you who have nothing but negative things to say about a thin person’s body are the fat, self-loathing bitches that give thin women dirty looks, and hate on them because they are jelous as f-ck!

  • Rebecca

    I think she looks amazing, athletic rather than overly thin.

  • Amber

    she looks toned rather than sickly…

  • Anonymous

    If she’s emaciated, then so is the little boy whose ribs we can see. Maybe somebody should call CPS. It’s sad, really, that so many people can’t see the difference between toned and athletic and sickly and skinny. I’m not a LeAnn fan, but I’d take those abs in a second.

    • thisstagedphoto-opsidisgusting

      Or perhaps LR could save herself from the criticism by stop tipping off the paps. Leann looks sick and no amount of “She looks great” posts are going to fix it. Perhaps LR should focus on what is causing her eating disorder, rather than on exploiting EC kids.

  • Anonymous

    it’s because the ladies posting the negative comments are jealous and unhappy with themselves for not taking better care of their own boddies. And what a double standard it is to say the things that have been said about her body. If it were the other way around, it would be “unacceptable”

    • thisstagedphoto-opisdisgusting

      Leann gets negative comments because she is a negative and unhappy person. Leann is the one who puts this all out there. If she is so happy and content in her life, then perhaps she LIVE it, instead of constantly inviting paps to events like this with “her family”. There is no double standard, Leann is constantly talking about how happy and blissful her life with EC is, so why then does she always look so sick? This isn’t about jealousy. It’s about Leann, who is so desperate for attention that she exploits those two kids.

  • tryecrot

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

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