Melissa Rycroft & Family: “Happy 4th!”

New mom Melissa Rycroft got into the Fourth of July spirit, dressing her 4-month-old daughter Ava Grace in a festive holiday outfit.

“Happy 4th!” the reality TV star tweeted, along with a link to the above twitpic of herself, husband Tye Strickland and their sweet daughter, dressed in red, white and blue.

The Bachelor alum recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about adjusting to new motherhood.

I don’t know if you ever fully adjust to motherhood,” Melissa said. “It sort of becomes who you are and what you do. I look at my life five months ago and I really don’t remember what I did all day! My life, literally, every minute of every day revolves around Ava and her schedule: ‘Is she hungry, or sleepy, or does she need to play?’ It’s about what can we do today as opposed to what am I going to do today.

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    Her baby is sooo cute!

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