Kate Middleton On Having Children: “Yes, I Hope To”

Kate Middleton has only been married to Prince William for two months but it looks like the Dutchess Of Cambridge is already thinking about having children.

US magazine reports the couple were attending a ceremony to honor Canada’s Royal 22nd Regiment in Quebec City when Kate spoke with a local man who had his 2-year-old little girl with him.

David Cheater, who had left his pregnant wife at home, told reporters, “Kate said to me, ‘What a beautiful daughter you have.’

He added, “When I said to her I wished her and William well with starting their own family, she said, ‘Yes, I hope to.’ ”

William and Kate, both 29, will definitely have beautiful kids one day! For now, they will be in Canada until Friday and starting their trip in California.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. carolyn Robertson

    They seem like such a sweet couple 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    They will start a family- they made it clear prior to the marriage that children were the goal

  3. Domino

    Well duh, she has to have children, whether she wants to or not. She has to have then soon-ish, in the next couple of years at least. There needs to be a heir.

  4. Anonymous

    She’d better start eating properly then or she could face fertility issues. Hopefully she doesn’t get anywhere near Rachel Zoe when she is in LA

  5. Anonymous

    GMAB, of course she’s going to say she wants children, this is hardly a “scoop”, US magazine. What is she supposed to say, “No, I don’t want kids”, or “I haven’t decided yet”?

  6. Anonymous

    Why when Charles has not been made King yet! So what is the rush? Than
    William will be next so why not listen to them when they said that they do not want children 2 to 3 years from now!

  7. Anonymous

    She said that she wants children 2 to 3 years from now

  8. Dee

    Yeah, it’s pretty much her job to have children.

  9. Anonymous

    They are such a beautiful, romantic couple. I love them and wish them the very best in life.

  10. Anonymous

    Leave them be, it’s their business whether or not they have children now or later. Gosh, let them enjoy being married for a few years and shut up and wait!

  11. Cool Limey

    I agree with some comments – yes, she definitely HAS to have heirs. It really looks like this is a total love match and I think Kate is just SO beautiful……but I was concerned when I saw her casually dressed the other day – her beige sweater clearly outlined the bones in her back…… Hopefully there’s nothing amiss here.

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