Kingston Rossdale’s Red, White & Blue!

Kingston Rossdale was ready to rock in red, white and blue!

The 5-year-old cutie sported a bright blue mohawk on the 4th of July at his grandparents’ house in Los Angeles, Calif. Gwen Stefani came bearing bags as her colorful son walked alongside mama and grandpa who carried a snoozin’ Zuma, 2.

On Saturday, we spotted Gwen and her boys – including husband Gavin Rossdale – shopping in L.A. where Kingston first debuted his new ‘do.

What do you think of Kingston’s blue mohawk?

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Felicity

    Aww he’s so cute. But really why blue. If they didn’t dye his hair in blue, He would have been much cuter. I like his mohawk but not in blue. Zuma is also cute, but he really should have a haircut.

  2. Janna

    That is so cute! Looks like it matches his toenails, too.

    • Anonymous

      Shock of all shocks Janna thinks it’s cool. Get a life woman. Have you not gotten the message that your opinion does not matter to many here.

      • Anonymommy

        Agree. Cute?! Matching toenail polish?! Talk about trying to appear cool by association. GMAFB!

      • Lioness

        Well, it certainly mattered enough to you to comment on it. Yikes. Janna, you have a fan.

        • Chloe

          Actually it’s 3 “fans”. Janna is self righteous and always has the time to critique traditional thinking but is overzealous in her support of what she deems progressive parenting. And from i can ascertain from other posters comments she tends to be daily presence on this board. If she is as she claims a mother. Would it not be prudent to concentrate her time and energy on her own offspring?

        • Alyssia

          To be honest I don’t know if the poster is the same individual but I personally agree. Janna is one of the most annoyingly unlikeable people who come on this board. I have noticed that seems to be the consensus on other articles too.

          As far as Kingston- I hate the Mohawk on any boys, but think Gwen truly loves her kids despite the trendy ways she dresses them.

      • Janna

        I said it was cute, not cool. I have a life, thanks. Your opinion of my opinion is beyond meaningless to me.

        I don’t know what has made you so angry, but please feel free to keep hiding behind your “Anonymous” tag and bashing everything I say. Your words don’t hurt me.

        • Tristabelle

          It looks like it’s more than one. Now I think there are ALOT of stupid comments on this board. I agree with a few of yours but I think you come off extremely intolerant of opinions you find “too traditional”. You condemn those same people for being “narrow-minded” when all you tend to do is aggressively oppose them. It’s contradictory at it’s foundation. I am someone who thinks live and let live, but there is a way to get that across without having to insult those who have a more conservative approach. JMO.

          • Janna

            I’m sorry, who exactly did I insult here? I said the kid looked cute.

          • Lioness

            Janna, I wouldn’t waste my time defending myself. Anyone who would spend this amount of time insulting you for doing exactly what they do- which is voice your opinions- doesn’t deserve your energy. Seriously. Take it as a compliment that they would take time out of their day to tell you about yourself. Girls are catty as hell- all this fuss about your posts is an example of it. I visit this site a lot, too, and have yet to see where you offend, even if I disagree with your opinion. People are gonna think what they wanna think, so you might as well continue to say what you want. It’s CBS’ rules you have to abide by, not the other commenters’.

          • Anonymous@RichmondVA

            @trista- it’s pointless to try to reason with the irrational. I actually was the one who psoted on the circumcision board that Janna comes across as bitterly unhappy with her life and very RARELY says anything positive. Yet she will continue to think she is being victimized. Ironically this is the first post I think she sounds somewhat normal in.
            Let me be clear I am not the anonymous poster from above. But I do agree with her.

          • Rebecca

            Can people quit picking on Janna already? She was trying to be positive here, and got nothing but a bunch of negativity from a bunch of obviously bored little bullies. Sure I’ve seen her be negative, but she’s hardly the first or the last to do so, and I’ve seen worse from a lot of people on here. Honestly, it seems like no matter how many people agree with her, or echo her opinions, people would still jump on her anyway. There’s really no need for the cattiness. Give Janna a break.

          • Tara

            @Rebecca- you are a sweet girl. I remember your too mature for your age posts in the past. Yes people seem to be picking on Janna here, but it may stem from the manner in which she treated others opinions in the past. Who knows for certain. She and I are diametrically different with views- yet I agree with you and think everyone should be afforded the same respect. From what I can tell from her though I am sure she is letting the criticism roll off her back. Life is too short to care about what virtual strangers think anyway.

  3. Anonymous

    Seriously, Gwen and Gavin may be a “stylish” and “hip” couple, depending on your perspective (personally I think they need to tone it down a notch, for a couple in their 40’s),but it’s quite sad that they feel the need to impose their style on their kids for the sake of their own “image”.

    • Anonymous

      Couldnt have said it better!

    • Anonymous 2

      Completely agreed. It’s all superficial, so it’s not that harmful, but it is obnoxious and pretty clearly about their image. Kind of pathetic really.

    • Lioness

      But isn’t that normal? I mean, what parent doesn’t do that? And before people jump down my throat, please know that I’m not picking a fight- I’m really just asking a question. Honestly, think about it- until kids are old enough to express themselves, they wear what their parents want them to. They wear haircuts their parents see fit. How many parents dress their girls up in cutie-patootie pixie outfits and call them “princess”? How many parents discourage boys from wearing pink? Every parent imposes their style on their kids, at least to some extent, no?

      • Anonymous

        That’s the whole point (some) people are trying to get across – she is directing what they wear, how they appear,etc. It’s a parent’s job but in this case, the result is something out of the ordinary for a young child and shows questionable judgment on her part.

        • Lioness

          Every parent directs what their kids wear and how they appear- at least until they get old enough to do it on their own. Again I ask: how is she different from your average parent? I live in the west- and honestly, her fashion choices for her kids really aren’t all that extreme. She dresses them like people who are into rock and roll dress their kids. I mean, I see two-year-olds with dyed mohawks just like Kingston’s at the grocery store… punk style is very much in. Honestly- at 2, that haircut is usually a result of the parents’ preferred style. “Out of the ordinary” doesn’t automatically mean “questionable” as far as judgment goes- every family establishes what “ordinary” is. The fact that you may not agree with her style doesn’t make her a bad mother. As long they aren’t in danger or uncomfortable, what’s “questionable”? Style choices aside, I really don’t see how she is different from any other parent.

      • Anonymous 2

        I agree with what you’re saying, but I think what we’re describing is going a few steps pass what would be considered standard “imposing” onto a child. Yes, all parents dress and adorn their children. So by that extent, you’re right. But there an added superficial quality that feels more than what is standard. For starters she’s processing her sons’ hair an awful lot. It’s already been bleached blonde, then she’s adding color dye to it. In my opinion, these are decisions that should be left to a kid when they get to a certain age. Yes, everyone clothes their children because nakedness is against the law. lol But, to me, the overprocessing of their hair is not fair to them and more about what Gwen thinks is “cool.” If they get older and their hair falls out, they will suffer for her superficiality.

        To me the clothes are not the point here, it’s mainly the hair and that her choices now to be “hip” or whatever can have lasting effects on them and they are too young to consent nor protest. I hope that makes the point clearer.

        • Anonymous

          She treats them like accessories not children and uses them to get attention for herself. Full stop, end of story.

        • Lioness

          “In my opinion, these are decisions that should be left to a kid when they get to a certain age. ”

          That’s your opinion, and you’re certainly entitled to it. I personally wouldn’t dye my kids’ hair that young, either. But to judge Gwen for not making the same personal decision I would make seems extreme to me, and unfair. We see a few snapshots of this woman and her family once or twice a week, and proceed to make all kinds of assessments on what her life is. All seems a bit stupid, wouldn’t you say? We assume waaaaayyy, way too much about these celebs and their lives. The hair, the clothes, everything she’s doing with her sons probably IS based on what she thinks is “hip”- but that’s the case with 95% of the parents I know. Evidence of this- how many of us have looked backed on childhood pictures and said, “Mom, what on earth did you have me wearing???” or ” What the heck was that hair?”. I’m sure the boys will be fine.

  4. Anonymous

    Definitely NOT cool. Good thing he’s not a girl or she’d have him getting the eyebrows waxed and competing on Toddlers & Tiaras. They are your children, Gwen, not dress up dolls to accessorize and play with when you feel like it and then pawn them off on a nanny when you get bored.

  5. Anonymous

    This child is so beautiful but I agree, Gwen needs to tone it down a bit. Let him natural dark hair come in and stop bleaching it.

  6. April

    Seriously they should stop dye their son’s hair. They should stop dressing them stylish. Let them be kids, dress them in normal clothes. I agree with Felicity and Anonymous 4:46. They are cute. Zuma really needs a haircut and Kingston is cute with his mohawk. But not blue.
    When Kingston and Zuma are older I think when their older, they look at the photos when they where younger and they’re gonna think ” Really was that me when I was younger”. Or when they’re older they’re still gonna be stylish and if Kingston and Zuma have children they’re gonna dress their kids stylish and also dye their hair just like their mom and dad. But I should shut up. It’s their decision how they raise their children and maybe Kingston and Zuma are gonna be different. Maybe they wanted to dye their hair and dress up stylish, just like Shiloh wanted to cut her hair.
    Btw Sorry if my English is bad. I’m from Holland.

  7. Anonymous

    I doubt they are imposing their style on their children…he probably asked for his hair that way.

  8. Sandy Eve

    Kingston?? No! It’s Teddy Lupin!! lol lol lol I like it!!!

  9. Nina D.

    I try to be open minded, I really do, but I hate that hair with a passion.

  10. Anonymous

    When are they gonna start dyeing the little one’s hair? I mean, he’s 2 years old, practically a teenager already.

  11. SMH

    I’m always indifferent when it comes to the hair. We saw Coco Arquette with dyed colors in her hair. We see Pax and Maddox with crazy hairstyles and colors. And so Kingston is no different. I just find it hard to believe that all a long King is saying, yo mom and dad I want a mohawk and when we’re done lets dye it blue and oh yea take me to the salon for some nail painting! Sure he may say those things now but he didn’t get those ideas in his head all by himself. Like others have said, other celebs usually don’t let their 4 and 5 year olds do such drastic crazy things. Even if this is a child of Gwen and Gavin. I think it’s fine to let kids explore different things at the same time I think you shouldn’t push them so far into being so “different’ then their peers. At the same time it was 4th of July…I guess I’m still undecided on this one lol.

  12. Anonymous

    I like that Kingston’s is rockin the usa, red white and blue and zuma has on british flag socks. I enjoy the duality!

    • Anonymous

      And his parents are rockin the “livin’ vicariously through their kids” vibe. Pathetic. That’s what dolls are for. Get some cabbage patch dolls Gwen and let your children be regular children.

      • Julita

        oh really, and whats “regular children” like??
        and dolls? and what do other parents do to their children?? dress them as dolls too, just in standard close but its still THE PARENTS AND NOT THE KIDS who choose them.
        and Angelina Jolie supposedly letting little Shiloh choose her own clothes and she is being dissed for that too, if its Shiloh choosing these clothes and Angelina not reacting – thats wrong. if its Angelina picking the clothes for her, thats wrong too.
        people do nothing else but criticise.
        the little Rossdale boys are being dressed a bit different than other children, so WHAT? why do u people care so much and -really-whats so wrong about it?? is it harmful for them? relax people, its not even your business how she dresses her kids

  13. Jules

    I don’t see what the big deal is.
    Who’s to say Kingston didn’t ask for a blue mohawk? Didn’t Maddox Jolie-Pitt have one when he was little?

  14. ashley

    such a beautiful boy and such a terrible haircut, ugh.

  15. Anonymous

    What Gwen is doing is in another level of narcissistic input. Here are some people like yourself saying is “kingson’s style” and congratulating Gwen for lettting him be kingston BUT we all know is all Gwens ideas. Altering his NATURAL color hair with BLEACH sinse he was little baby just because she thinks that’s the look of “rock and roll” so Gwen can make sure he is not going to be normal looking kid, that to me is not letting him be him but making sure he is going to please his parents by looking like they want and be what they want him to be, well so that’s OK for you? something isn’t right if you can’t trust your kids by they way they are NATURALY.

  16. Julita

    I agree with Lioness about the fact that parents choose their kids’ style until the kids are aware of their style and choose their own clothes. what you people cant see is that YOU dont accept their style because its a bit extraordinary, so different than a standard overdose of pink on a little girl and just regular pants and shirt on a boy.
    of course this is somewhat disturbing that Kingston’s hair is blue, it seems just too much, but why dont u people use your imagination a little bit – maybe its just a way of celebrating 4th july (since the hair is of 3 colours of the american flag) and it will be washed or cut tomorrow?
    stop being so narrow-minded, its so inappropriate criticise just everything “different” than what you think is normal or standard. i would even dare to call it discrimination

    • Anonymous

      Most people aren’t talking about his clothes, it’s about using harmful chemicals in children’s heads since babies, changing the natural appearance of a child just to fit Gwens idea of rock and roll to the extrime, that isn’t being differnt that’s just Gwen being narcissistic to the child.

  17. GGNDrock

    To those who disagree/are being insulting to G&G: His colour is fading away… So it means it’s a temp colour. No harm at all.
    and you have obvs got nothing better to do than judge other people’s ‘parenting’ styles and some hair of a lil’ boy! What does that say about you?!

  18. Anonymous

    Most people aren’t talking about his clothes, it’s about using harmful chemicals in children’s heads since babies, changing the natural appearance of a child just to fit Gwens idea of rock and roll to a new level, that isn’t being differnt that’s just Gwen being narcissistic to the child.

  19. SarahC

    Kingston is a cute little boy but all of this hair changing could really damage his hair. I believe children should be able to express themselves, but within certain boundaries. It just starts to look like a cry for attention after awhile. Their children should be their children, not their fashion accessories.

  20. Suzyca

    I used to really Gwen but it bothers me that they never seem to go anywhere without a nanny or two. I know they can afford it, but every single outing? I mean, they take the kids to the park and the nanny is there, a dr. apptmt and the nanny is there, etc. It’s only two kids and often both Gwen and Gavin are there but they never seem able to just take their kids somewhere just the two of them without help. Other celebs have nannies but I often see them out without the help looking after their own children. That turns me off a bit. Plus I do think they use their children as accessories and dress them up like dolls in what they think is cool. Each to their own, but imo, they go too far. Bleaching the hair of a very young child and some of the clothing I’ve seen Zuma in is completely ridiculous for the outing and often looks uncomfortable for such a small little guy. I think they care more about looks and being cool than their child’s comfort and ease of movement to play and have fun.

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