Woody Allen & Family: Roman Holiday

Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi Previn were spotted with daughters Bechet and Manzie as they made their way through the shops on a street in Rome, Italy on Monday (July 4).

The director was taking a break from filming Bop Decameron, his next movie starring Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg.

Woody says his latest film Midnight In Paris – reportedly his biggest hit in 25 years – was his ‘valentine’ to the French capital. “I wanted to show the city emotionally, the way I felt about it,” he said during a news conference last month in Cannes. “It didn’t matter to me how real it was or what it reflected.” It was, he added, “Paris through my eyes.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    “interesting” looking couple.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if these poor girls know the extent of their father’s perversions and disgustingness? I pray their mother would protect them from him if need be.

    • Anonymous

      ya know, Mia Farrow got away with having it both ways in her attacks against Woody Allen. Look, the expansive age difference screams pathology to me but Farrow screamed “this is akin to incest” because he was Soon Yi’s “stepfather” out of one side of her mouth and then bashing the hell out of him for not being a father or having a relationship at all (or even seeing them regularly because they lived separately and the kids lived with her) with any of the children out of the other.

  • AnnieMouse

    Something tells me that just see them as Mom and Dad…nothing else…while the rest of the world looks down their noses at them, they just live their lives…

  • Anonymous

    They look like an ordinary family, more so than other celebrity families.

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