Angelina Jolie Totes The Twins

Beautiful babies! Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie was spotted toting her soon-to-be 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne outside Eden Superbowl in St. Julian’s, Malta on Wednesday (July 6). Big sis Shiloh, 5, was also seen leaving the family play center.

The gang is back for some more fun! Last week, we saw Angie and all six of her kids at the bowling alley.

The Jolie-Pitt crew are renting an $11 million mansion in Qrendi, Malta while papa Brad Pitt films his latest flick, World War Z.

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  • Anonymous

    gorgeous fmily the twins will be 3 next week,angie is strong carrying both of them

  • Anonymous

    shi and knox look so much alike,viv is such a cutie and girly with her lil purse,angelina looks beautiful

  • Anonymous

    So cute!! I love seeing update pictures of these twins! My boy/girl twins were born July 11 2008, one day before Knox and Viv so it’s kinda neat to see!

  • Shania

    Knox has KILLER eyes!

    He’s gonna be soooo hot when he grows up!

  • SMH

    I can’t believe how quickly they’ve grown! Where does the time go??

    Vivienne is so beautiful. Knox looks exactly like Shiloh. Shiloh has gotten so big, I’m happy though she atleast is letting her hair grow back (for now).

  • SiervaMaria

    My favorite thing about this pic is Shi. She’s so “I cannot be bothered with those two and I’m gonna let mom handle thangs while I enjoy my ice cream.”

    All three are such a cool mix of both Brad – Angie. Can’t believe they’re gonna be 3!

  • Jules

    Gosh. Shiloh looks so grown up!

  • nicoleC

    Vivi is so sweet !!
    I think celebrity mom’s arm is SO strong !!\always carry a 3-5 yeras old kids

  • Anonymous

    Love the fact that Angie devides the six kids into smaller groups and goes to fun places with them. Shi, Knox and Viv sure loved to have mum all to themselves. Knox is so cute with those baby blue eyes and Viv is such a girly girl. Love her lil blue purse. Big sis Zee has trained her well. She is also giving “the look” that is Zee´s trademark. Shi has also grown a lot and looks so grown up. Hard to imagine that in less than a week Knox and Viv will be 3. Time really is flying fast. Knox will be a heartbreaker when he grows up. Maybe the next time Angie takes Mad, Pax and Zee bowling.

  • Anonymous

    Viv so much like angie

  • Sweet

    I love so much knox shiloh vivie so beautiful kids lol

  • Emma

    Cutie! Shi looks a lot like Brad Pitt!!
    Very beautiful:)

  • Anonymous

    Knox looks…u…and now take is easy: unhappy to me, say what u want, kill me if u want, i see pain in these 2 eyes. I suspect 1 reason, but: Jolie has heart only for Shiloh, first of all Jolie is a woman. Not fair at all. Think what u want: its a free country.

    • Anonymous

      He looks frightened because their are several paps approx 8 flashing cameras in his face I saw the video. This is why they tried to keep the kids out in public when they are really young

    • SiervaMaria

      Assuming that the country you’re referring to is America, yes, there is freedom here, and I’m exercising my right to call you an idiot with a computer and to much time on your hands.

  • Anonymous

    No Anonymous 7:50pm think what you want and continue to live in your own little world just don’t infect us with your made up garbage.

  • Anonymous

    anyone remember when everyone thought they had down syndrome…. whats wrong with the media? . there gorgeous!!

  • Anonymous

    ANGIEs security got into a tussle with the paps as they were leaving according to Malta Today

  • Anonymous

    Knox looks like Angelina. Shiloh is mini John Voight and Vivienne lokos like Brad

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