Heidi Klum & Family: Happy Campers

Heidi Klum and her mom Erna had extra help taking Leni, 7, Henry, 5, Johan, 4, and Lou, 1, to day camp in Soho, New York City on Wednesday (July 6).

Always the stylish mom, Heidi looked stunning in a long sleeveless dress.

In between filming Project Runway, the supermodel is making sure the family are enjoying what the Big Apple has to offer.

She told People, “We do everything that the city has to offer. From driving on the sight-seeing bus to the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty and the museums. We’re going to watch “Spider-Man” [on Broadway] — my son is really excited about that.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    I love seeing pictures of this beautiful family, they are growing so fast!

  2. Anonymous

    Erna is so such a wonderful involved grandmother, I hope my mother is like that when I have kids!

  3. SarahC

    They’re such a cute family! Very casual, not crying for attention. A breath of fresh air in Hollywood families.

  4. Anonymous

    1.) Heidi looks unhealthily skinny 🙁 Still beautiful, nonetheless.
    2.) Kinda mean to say “these kids my not be the cutest.” I for one think they’re all adorable.
    3.) Way to judge the grandma from a small handful of pictures. Cool.

  5. Lily-of-the-valley

    Such a beautiful family! Henry’s gonna be a total heart-breaker and Lou is already a real beauty.

  6. Flower

    The most beautiful family which I’ve ever seen!!!<3

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