Jessica Capshaw & Family Enjoy Italian Getaway

Look at those cheeks!

Actress Jessica Capshaw and her two adorable children – son Luke, 3, and daughter Eve, 8 months – hit the streets for a sweet treat while vacationing in Portofino, Italy on Sunday (July 3). The following day, the Grey’s Anatomy star and her husband Christopher Gavigan were seen enjoying their Italian holiday with family, including Jessica’s mother Kate Capshaw and stepfather, acclaimed director Steven Spielberg.

Jessica is a regular on Grey’s while Christopher is the environmental health leader for Healthy Child Healthy World.

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  1. Judge Judy

    Look at those CHEEKS! Her kids are adorable!

  2. SMH

    that is one adorable chunky baby lol!!

  3. Anonymous

    You’d think the environmental health leader for Healthy Child Healthy World would realize that his child is obese. Obese babies are much more likely to suffer weight problems throughout their lives; this little one is getting off to a bad start.

    • Anonymous

      why u so negative its just baby fat, which that family genes since they are all slender that baby fat will slender out once she grows taller. She’s 8 months old she probably exclusive on breast milk and cereal, what do you want them to do put her on diet. LEAVE THE BABY ALONE

  4. anonymous

    Gimme a break guys, that’s not ‘adorable’, that’s unhealthy!

  5. klutzy_girl

    So cute! I love JCap and her family.

    And she’s just a chubby baby. I’m sure Eve will grow out of it soon.

  6. Anonymous

    i agree with the above. she is already obese. i do not see the obessions with chubby babies. let’s call them correctly: fat. fat is not healthy. we do not have such fat babies in europe, that’s for sure. she is by far the fattest baby in italy right now. gross.

  7. Alycia

    That baby is not obese, it’s just really chubby

  8. Anonymous

    Oh don’t be so dramatic. A chubby baby is totally different than obese.

  9. tabatot

    That has to be the cutest baby since my first son was born! I had to endure a lot of comments on his size as well (99th percentile!), but NOT from his doctor. He is now on the cusp of underweight. I definitely would not jump to predict an 8 month old’s future of obesity. A child that age is not even REALLY eating solid food yet, so hold them horses.

  10. Anonymous

    the baby is SUPER cute, but she is definitely overweight for her age group.

  11. haggered

    I am 5’1 and under 50kg. I cannot put on weight if I try. I am tiny. I have 3 babies and they ALL were chubsters despite being exclusively breastfed. I got so sick of people assuming I was the nanny. My kids were lovely but with big tummies nad huge thick thighs and broad shoulders. Then they each got to around 5 and they are now the athletic willowy kids with long long legs. Don’t make assumptions. ALOT of baby variation simply depends on how enthusiastric they are about food. My kids always ate well. And now they have fast metabolisms and eat a wide variety of healthy foods. So don’t call her obsese…there is a wide genetic variation and unless you know what thye eat, LAY OFF.

  12. Anonymous

    Sorry to say, but the child is not adorable, she looks really unhealthy fat

  13. Anonymous

    Yea maybe she should put her baby on a diet? Relax people I’m sure she’ll be fine!

  14. cameron

    baby is DIVINE. and chubby. and will no doubt be tall and slender as an adult.

    this fat witch hunt needs to stop.

  15. May

    Funny how people think they can tell the baby is obese by looking at it. Anonymous @08:53 you must be the rudest person ever. gross? Really? I wonder if your child puts some weight on, you call it fat and gross.

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