Lourdes & Mercy Are Primrose Hill Pals

Sisterly love!

Lourdes Leon, 14, and her 5-year-old sister, Mercy – along with a few nannies and bodyguards – hit the Primrose Hill district of London for some shopping and a bite to eat over the weekend.

Perhaps Lourdes was getting a little inspiration for her fashion label.

Madonna‘s two “Material Girls” just missed the new face of Lourdes’ clothing line, Kelly Osbourne, who was also in the area on the same day.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    SIDE BOOB! O.o.

  • HorrorWarren

    Look mama, just like you in your glory dayz, no bra!!! Aren’t I chic?!!

    • Kate


      How long did it take you to come up with that one? You can see she’s wearing a beige undergarment in the profile picture as well as when she has her hand on her face (a small part of the strap is visible).

      You might want to invest in some glasses.

  • Anonymous

    Are you two (or the same person with two names) blind? She has a beige undershirt or bra, you can see the line by her armpit. Haters.

  • Anonymous

    THERE IS A BRA….. Don’t you see it ? it’s a skin-color bra helloO! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I agree.
    The ”look” is skanky, even with the flesh colored bra, isn’t she only 14?!

    • Anonymous

      Skanky? Are you serious? Get over yourself. She’s a teenager and her attire pretty normal. So her sleeveless shirt shows part of her bra from the side, big deal!

      She’s also wearing gym shorts and was probably exercising previously with the woman who is with her who is also wearing exercise clothes. Calm down.

  • Shania

    Why would you expect anything more? Just look at her clothing line and the ”model” they used to represent them.. LOL

    BTW, the papz don’t even care to get any flattering shots of Mercy, who’s the real child…

    • Anonymous

      How scandalous! A teenager is wearing a shirt and shorts! You can see a small part of her bra by looking through the side of her shirt! Outrageous!

      You sound bitter and jealous. And “papz” (like “dayz”)? You could at least change up your teen spelling, unless you truly are an immature 13 year-old; that would explain your comments.

      They’re getting shots of the child whose picture sells more-that would be Lourdes, like it or not. If you actually cared for her, which you really don’t, you would be happy that Mercy doesn’t get stalked and harassed as much as Lourdes does by the paparazzi.

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